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Wedding humor & Royal Wedding Updates

Wedding Humor: The Bridal Party Lexicon

Sure, you're getting married, but that doesn't mean you have to lose your sense of humor. Bet you don't know what a vow wow or bustle hustle are!

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Wedding Humor: The Bridal Shower Lexicon

Before you attend your next bridal shower, learn these hilarious bridal shower terms. Do you know what "Mamarazzi" are?

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Wedding Humor: The Sexy Bride Lexicon

Are you a sexy bride? Do you know a sexy bride? Then check out these hilarious terms for all things bridal and sexy. Find out what a "bikini broadcast" is and a "honeyswoon."

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Wedding Humor: The Technie Wedding Lexicon

All the new technology means there are some new wedding terms. Familiarize yourself with these funny definitions and find out what a drop-down menu really means.

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The Bachelorette Party Lexicon

Things tend to get a little wild at the bachelorette party. So what do you call these crazy antics? Find out what you call an ugly male stripper and what it really means to be a blushing bride.

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The Wedding FAIL Lexicon

We wouldn't wish these wedding flubs on anyone, but we can still have some fun with what we call them. Find out what you call a groom's cake gone wrong, a friend who finds out she's on the B-list and more.

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