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NailArt & Royal Wedding Updates

Lady Gaga on Rogaine, Ben Affleck's Disastrous Hair & More in Beauty News Roundup

A roundup of recent beauty news.

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Lindsay Lohan Defends Manicure Message - A Four-Letter Sentencing Statement

The starlet turned up for her court appearance -- during which she was sentenced to 90 days in jail for breaking her probation -- with a foul-mouthed manicure that revealed the phrase "f*ck u" on her middle finger.

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Wild Nail Art

Tired of your standby mani? Need a break from Ballet Slipper pink? StyleList presents the newest summer trends in nail art inspired by everything from lingerie to your local hardware store! We spotted cool Pop-Art, feathers and lace, and even chains!

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Nail art: Friend or foe?

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