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Pippa Middleton's Glamorous Green Royal Wedding Reception Dress

Apr 30th 2011 10:39AM I think Pippa's wedding reception dress looks trashy and totally inappropriate. The green color is okay, but the plunge is not. Something with a u- or v-, or a sweetheart neckline would have been better. I saw a recap of wedding/events and think Kate's wedding gown was okay, quite ordinary. Like the few photos I've seen of her over the years, Kate looked attractive, not stunning. In the wedding recap footage, she looked tired, the strain of the whole life change making her look more stunned than stunning; lifeless, subdued.

I think Pippa unintentionally stole the show. Her bridesmaid's dress was perfect for her. These are the first photos I've seen of Pippa and am curious if her skin tone is naturally that dark or did she overdo the tanning bed/spray tan?

Tiger's Roar Will Return and Scare Peers

May 6th 2010 7:57PM Who cares about Eldrick "Tigger" Woods? I have thought he was shady since he burst on the scene, all full of himself, and could not care less about him since he will only play "the Majors". Well, excuuuuuse me! There's a terrific tournament in Memphis, Tennessee at TPC Southwind --the only PGA tournament named for its sponsor: St. Jude Classic. Even Jack Nicklaus played the Southwind course, although he knew it didn't cater to his game. Did he care that he may lose? Naw. He was there knowing that he would draw crowds which, in turn, raised a lot of money for St. Jude Research Hospital. Jack's a true legend, a real, caring human being. Eldrick is neither. He's a legend in his own mind. So long, Eldrick!

Fran Tarkenton Gets in One More Shot at Brett Favre

Jan 30th 2010 5:11PM You and Tarkenton are both morons. Favre needs no excuse. His excellent record on and off the field speak volumes--he's a decent man and a great, Hall of Fame QB. JFCJR, what's your claim to fame?
JFCJR 1-30-2010 4:46PM
Fumbles, poor officiating, dirty hits and on and on. You Favre supporters have ALWAYS got an excuse for him. The BOTTOM LINE is that the guy CHOKES all the time in big games. He had a chance to win in the end and he did what he does best...HE CHOKES! He has a history of much that the NFL Channel in a documentary last summer ranked the NFL'S TOP TEN CHOKE ARTISTS OF ALL TIME and the "drama queen" came in at #4. Needless to say, his performance last weekend will further propel him up in the rankings. Now we get to go through this annual soap opera called the FAVRE WATCH until Mid-August because he so desperately seeks the attention of the national media to massage his fragile ego. He also does not want to deal with the OTAs, training camp and anything else because he's too good for that. No, he just wants to show up on game day. He could care less about the Vikings or their fans. He just wanted to hire his gun out to the team that he thought could best get him a ring. Brett Favre is all about himself and going out "a la" John Elway with a Super Bowl championship...but he will never pull it off. He should take a lesson from Kurt Warner, a true class act, and announce what his intentions are for the coming season. But Warner has "character" & "integrity"....something unknown to Favre.

PS: Wonder what excuses the Farve supporters will come up with next year when he CHOKES! I guess they'll blame it on a full moon, solar eclipse, the stock market, the price of tea in China.......

Fran Tarkenton Gets in One More Shot at Brett Favre

Jan 30th 2010 5:03PM I completely agree. I, too became a Vikings fan solely because of Brett Favre. A life-long Packers fan, they lost me when they pushed Brett out--why push out a team leader and a winner?! Even if Fran Tarkenton truly felt that way, he should have kept his mouth shut--it makes him seem jealous and petty. What team did Tarkenton at age 40 come within a field goal in OT to take to the Super Bowl? He'd washed up w-a-y before that age! Brett was one of only four QBs with that honor this year. If Adrian had fumbled less it would have been a different story. Heal up during the off-season, Brett and come on back roaring in the fall!

Kimberly Smith 1-29-2010 8:58PM
I think it is great that Brett Favre is still playing. Even though I am not usually a Vikings fan, I was one this year. I totally enjoyed seeing him play and I hope he stays and plays next year. It wasn't entirely his fault the game was lost. There were tons of fumbles and lost balls throughout the game. If anything, Brett kept them in the game. The team was just having a bad day but unfortunately the loss eliminated them from the super bowl. Here's to a great season Minnesota! Brett, do one more year!

What Are Jay Leno's Former Viewers Watching Instead of Leno?

Jan 3rd 2010 7:31PM I agree. One wonders how much NBC is thwarting Leno. I don't think they want him to succeed; it would make their decision to give that crybaby Conehead O'Brainless the show Leno should still be hosting look better if Jay failed. The majority of the Tonight Show viewers didn't want the change, but NBC had to mess with success, just because Conehead threatened to leave if not given the Tonight Show. NBC should have just waived goodbye. NBC obviously hasn't spent the big bucks to give Leno a great set, either. "Earn Your Plug" has grown on me, to a degree, as it's given some of the stars an opportunity to flaunt hidden talent. The Green Car thing needs to be mothballed. Best idea: can Conehead and bring back Jay Leno on the Tonight Show!!!!
lonny bartels at 2:43PM on Jan 3rd 2010
Red Sam is right. Leno appears nervous and shaky; and I think he knows he's in trouble. What is all this silly stuff like "earn your plug" and the "green car" bit. Why don't Leno ditch the silly stuff and get some name guests who can converse intelligently and be humorous like on his old show.

Brian Kelly Tweets That His House Got Egged

Dec 15th 2009 5:12AM I thought it would be Calipari (he stole the team U of Memphis paid him to recruit) or Kiffin of UTN, who is clueless when it comes to NCAA rules.

Best Band Logos: No. 1

Sep 2nd 2009 2:09AM Prince????!! You've gotta be joking.

Which Beatle Are You?

Sep 2nd 2009 1:47AM I'm a combo George-Paul, my two fave Beatles--in reverse order. I can see the Paul part, but don't think I'm introverted like George.

Peter Thomson Thinks Tiger Woods Needs an Attitude Adjustment

Aug 23rd 2009 12:50PM Comments on 1.: Naturally the press runs out of original questions when people are often in the spotlight. My daughter is an actress and hears the same ones day in and day out. She's gracious and answers the question politely as if it was the first time. Tiger could do the same.
2. Sure Jack was focused, but he took time to talk to fans, even during his round. I called out to him about reading one of his books. He joked,"Did it help your golf game?" Of course, I answered "Yes!".
Also, Jack gave up smoking, although they didn't show him smoking during the round. He felt like it was a bad example for him to set for kids coming to tournaments. Tiger needs to clean up his act and stop cursing and throwing temper tantrums. His behavior is boorish.
3. I'd rather have dental surgery than play golf with Tiger. I'd be intimidated playing golf w/Jack, but at least he'd try to put me at ease.
I'll be a Tiger fan when he cares enough to do something good both on and off the course by playing in the St. Jude Classic and some of the other tournaments that aren't "majors," but do have a major impact in the lives of so many others.
8-23-2009 @ 7:49AM

Bill3JoanA said...
1. To the issue of Woods' interviews are all the same and could be recorded.... blame the people asking the questions not the guy (not just Woods) who has to answer the same moronic (often) questions from another lazy columnist. Maybe a creative question would promote an intriguing answer. Just a thought.
2. Agree with Matt04....for those who don't like Tiger they want it both ways, no emotion/more emotion. Jack was very much the same focused guy on the course. And it's too bad they did not have 30 cameras and directional microphones to follow Snead and Hogan and Palmer and Bolt.
3. Characters like Trevino, Fuzzy, Jacobson, ChiChi, are rarer than the Tiger like zoned out guys. I would love to play a round with them, too many laughs to be sure but even if he never said a word a round with Tiger would be an experience to watch that level of game.

Caroline's Family Made Her Do It

May 6th 2009 4:17PM Make that three sons and one daughter: Joe Kennedy, Jr. and his sister Kathleen both died during WWII. Joe was a Navy pilot and Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy was known as wartime Britain's "Girl on a Bicycle," working for the Red Cross in London. (Lady Kathleen Kennedy Hartington, married against her parents' wishes to Billy Hartington, the Marquess of Hartington. Hartington, the elder son of the Duke of Devonshire [one of the leading Protestant families of England] and heir to the Cavendish fortune, was considered to be the perfect match for Princess Elizabeth. Kathleen and Billy met at a garden party for the princess, who was one of Kathleen's friends. Hartington was killed by a sniper's bullet while leading his column of Coldstream Guards in Normandy, about two weeks after Joe's death.) wartime Britain's "Girl on a Bicycle" working for the Red Cross in London)was an active supporter of the troops. Kathleen was leaving London to join her father in France in a plane chartered, on impulse, by the Earl of Fitzwilliam. She and the earl were both killed when the plane crashed into a revine in the Cevennes Mountains near Lyons due to fog. Fifty-five persons in various aircraft also died that night. She was buried in the Cavendish plot at Chatsworth, next to Billy. The whole story can be found in Hank Searls' book, The Lost Prince: Young Joe, The Forgotten Kennedy.
11:26AM May 6th 2009
In response to David case you have forgotten...the Kennedy's gave the lives of two sons for our country. They might still be alive today had they not been political figures representing our constitution.


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