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Pippa Middleton's Glamorous Green Royal Wedding Reception Dress

Apr 30th 2011 10:39AM I think Pippa's wedding reception dress looks trashy and totally inappropriate. The green color is okay, but the plunge is not. Something with a u- or v-, or a sweetheart neckline would have been better. I saw a recap of wedding/events and think Kate's wedding gown was okay, quite ordinary. Like the few photos I've seen of her over the years, Kate looked attractive, not stunning. In the wedding recap footage, she looked tired, the strain of the whole life change making her look more stunned than stunning; lifeless, subdued.

I think Pippa unintentionally stole the show. Her bridesmaid's dress was perfect for her. These are the first photos I've seen of Pippa and am curious if her skin tone is naturally that dark or did she overdo the tanning bed/spray tan?

What Are Jay Leno's Former Viewers Watching Instead of Leno?

Jan 3rd 2010 7:31PM I agree. One wonders how much NBC is thwarting Leno. I don't think they want him to succeed; it would make their decision to give that crybaby Conehead O'Brainless the show Leno should still be hosting look better if Jay failed. The majority of the Tonight Show viewers didn't want the change, but NBC had to mess with success, just because Conehead threatened to leave if not given the Tonight Show. NBC should have just waived goodbye. NBC obviously hasn't spent the big bucks to give Leno a great set, either. "Earn Your Plug" has grown on me, to a degree, as it's given some of the stars an opportunity to flaunt hidden talent. The Green Car thing needs to be mothballed. Best idea: can Conehead and bring back Jay Leno on the Tonight Show!!!!
lonny bartels at 2:43PM on Jan 3rd 2010
Red Sam is right. Leno appears nervous and shaky; and I think he knows he's in trouble. What is all this silly stuff like "earn your plug" and the "green car" bit. Why don't Leno ditch the silly stuff and get some name guests who can converse intelligently and be humorous like on his old show.

Best Band Logos: No. 1

Sep 2nd 2009 2:09AM Prince????!! You've gotta be joking.

Which Beatle Are You?

Sep 2nd 2009 1:47AM I'm a combo George-Paul, my two fave Beatles--in reverse order. I can see the Paul part, but don't think I'm introverted like George.

Caroline's Family Made Her Do It

May 6th 2009 4:17PM Make that three sons and one daughter: Joe Kennedy, Jr. and his sister Kathleen both died during WWII. Joe was a Navy pilot and Kathleen "Kick" Kennedy was known as wartime Britain's "Girl on a Bicycle," working for the Red Cross in London. (Lady Kathleen Kennedy Hartington, married against her parents' wishes to Billy Hartington, the Marquess of Hartington. Hartington, the elder son of the Duke of Devonshire [one of the leading Protestant families of England] and heir to the Cavendish fortune, was considered to be the perfect match for Princess Elizabeth. Kathleen and Billy met at a garden party for the princess, who was one of Kathleen's friends. Hartington was killed by a sniper's bullet while leading his column of Coldstream Guards in Normandy, about two weeks after Joe's death.) wartime Britain's "Girl on a Bicycle" working for the Red Cross in London)was an active supporter of the troops. Kathleen was leaving London to join her father in France in a plane chartered, on impulse, by the Earl of Fitzwilliam. She and the earl were both killed when the plane crashed into a revine in the Cevennes Mountains near Lyons due to fog. Fifty-five persons in various aircraft also died that night. She was buried in the Cavendish plot at Chatsworth, next to Billy. The whole story can be found in Hank Searls' book, The Lost Prince: Young Joe, The Forgotten Kennedy.
11:26AM May 6th 2009
In response to David case you have forgotten...the Kennedy's gave the lives of two sons for our country. They might still be alive today had they not been political figures representing our constitution.

Fox Will Not Cover Obama News Conference

Apr 28th 2009 1:57PM Bravo, Fox Broadcasting! It's about time. I've thought for decades that networks should take turns carrying the president's address. There's no need for all the networks to preempt their programming for something that we can choose to either catch on one "round-robin" station live or catch a recap on the 'Net or local newscasts.

TV News Daily

Jan 25th 2009 11:54AM Mmmm-George! I haven't watched ER since he left years ago, but I'll make sure to catch this one. And kudos to Betty White! You go, Golden Girl!Like Dolly Levi, still goin', glowin' and crowin'. Thank you for proving that one's age doesn't diminish one's talent.

Put those breasts away: Woman asked to cover up while breastfeeding during flight

Aug 11th 2008 10:02PM Well said. I wouldn't breast-feed in public without some type of drape. Instead of thinking of others, even her baby, this woman only selfishly thought of "her rights". If she had accepted the blanket, the baby would still have been fed, the woman wouldn't have been so tense or caused a scene. Sounds as if she was just looking for a fight.
Aug 11th 2008 @ 7:19PM

Amanda said...
Well, baby shops do sell "nursing blankets/cover ups" for a reason. I sure as hell wouldn't breastfeed in public without covering up. The woman should've just taken the blanket instead of causing trouble.

Searching for Teeth Whitening Products?

Jul 18th 2008 2:13PM My oncologist gave me a mouthwash recipe to use when I was undergoing chemo--the benefit was that it also whitened my teeth. It's equal parts Cepacol mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide and water. BTW, the hydrogen peroxide will even bleach the color from the mouthwash blend!

Multi-Tasking Food Tips

Jun 1st 2008 1:08PM Sunburned? Pat sunburned area with cotton balls soaked in white vinegar until skin stops soaking it up. Takes the heat and sting away and prevents peeling. It's worth the smell!

Built in helper: use the end-tabs on the box ends of aluminum foil and plastic wrap to hold the tube in the box. No wrestling with the tube and dispensing is a lot easier.


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