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Elvis Presley's Home a Teardown? Hard Rock Cafe Founder Peter Morton's Plans for His House

Feb 2nd 2013 12:17PM Shame that such a beautiful home will be destroyed. Doesn't even matter who lived in it.

DIY Pool: How Brandon Gardiner and His Dad Built Their Own Backyard Oasis

Sep 15th 2012 11:31PM I've been wanting an in-ground lap pool for awhile, so when I read about this, I thought briefly about DIYing it.

But then I read the comments here, and a couple really gave me doubts. So I did a quick search on DIY backyard pools and found that if I want a top quality pool that will last, there's a lot more to it than what these guys did.

Their pool looks very nice, but I agree with Robert: it is pretty much a large pond that will turn green and become unusable because it does not appear to have a filtering system to keep it clean.

Building something as a family like these guys did is a wonderful idea, but you still have to do some homework to do it right.

Housing Crisis Turns Some Ex-Homeowners Into Lifelong Renters

Sep 9th 2012 12:41PM Home ownership: The Great American Nightmare. It's too damn much trouble. It costs too much money, there's one problem after another, and it's all up to you to fix whatever it is. The only way I will ever own another home is if it's one of those Tumbleweed Houses, probably pre-fab, but right now I can't imagine any circumstance under which I would do even that.

5 Reasons To Love Airports

Aug 20th 2012 6:46PM Forty years ago, before the security nightmare, I used to go to airport boarding lounges just to watch people. But now anyone who doesn't have a ticket can't go to a boarding lounge at all. Now an airport is just a pain the neck. No thanks.

Couple Tears Down $4.2 Million Manse for a Better View

Jun 27th 2012 11:55AM Well now I've officially heard/read everything. Nice to have that much money.

Shakira reveals shocking new look, gets personal (VIDEO)

Dec 8th 2011 1:38PM I like that haircut! It's probably tons easier to style and she looks more grown up.

Fashion Styles That Make You Look Older and What to Wear Instead

Nov 20th 2011 12:06PM Ah, just another article disguised as "advice" for us poor unfashionable, old-looking women with more important things to spend our hard-earned dollars on than the latest fashion fad. AOL seems to publish more of this garbage than anybody else.

Fashion trainwrecks make it to Miss Universe stage (PHOTOS & VIDEOS)

Sep 13th 2011 6:39PM Does anyone watch pageants anymore and do we need beauty queens?

I used to watch all the pageants back in the late fifties and into the sixties. It was all fascinating, and it was even important to me who won. But after high school, I lost interest, and a lot of sweeping changes to these pageants in the last several years suggests that I'm not the only one.

Teenager Builds 130-Square-Foot House for College

Aug 30th 2011 1:12PM I'm very impressed with what he's done so far, but without plumbing and at least a hotplate or campstove, this is not a complete home. All he basically has here is a large bedroom/living room. Not saying I could do better, because I couldn't. Just that this would be far more impressive -- not to mention self-contained -- with plumbing.

Who Wore It Best? Jennifer Lopez and Drew Barrymore in Pucci (PHOTOS, POLL)

Aug 9th 2011 6:24PM This is an unfair comparison. JLo's is a red carpet candid while Barrymore's is a highly stylized studio portrait that's almost certainly photoshopped.


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