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Investor in Maine

Investor in Maine

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Royal Wedding Stamp Snafu Tears Couple Apart

Apr 29th 2011 12:38PM It's not as you stated. Canada has the provision for a vote of 'no-confidence' if a stable workable government cannot be established. A date is set for a new election, and as a formality, the info is shared with the Governor General, (a figure-head representative of the queen) who basically always says 'Go do it" So it was the members of the Canadian Parliament who decided that this just isn't working, not the queen.

Waiter Claims Firing Over Jane Adams Twitter

Oct 6th 2009 9:25AM It has nothing to do with tipping. It has to do with customers' privacy, and their expectation of privacy at least in some parts of their lives. These clients don't go to Barney's like it's a media event, they go to shop, and to eat if they're hungry. Think of it this way: Barneys wouldn't let a bunch of paparazzi roam the store taking pictures of celebrity customers. Nor should they have to tolerate an employee posting tweets like a rag-sheet reporter.

Wendy's invites owners to discuss future of company! What a novel concept!

May 17th 2007 8:01AM It's a stupid idea. Investors need to choose where they put their money and stop trying to be a company's primary customer. If I don't like the way a company is running, I bail out and put my money somewhere else. To allow investors (whose focus in NOT on making hamburgers) to strategically affect Wendy's business plan, is like buying property next to a pig farm, and then insisting that they grow lettuce instead, because you don't like the smell.


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