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Border Patrol's Arizona Housing Project: Bargain or Boondoggle?

Aug 15th 2013 3:58PM some of the border guards are most likely Hispanic, what is wrong with that?

Ex-Marine Dying of Cancer Faces Eviction Over Frequent Visitors

Jun 12th 2013 12:13PM The man ought to be in a hospice receiving the proper care, still have visitors but not allowed to be noisy or rowdy and he can not worry about landlords and utility bills. by the way what ever became of that elderly man a few days ago, he had a white beard, he said his dog left and he wanted his dog back before he (the man) died?

Ex-Marine Dying of Cancer Faces Eviction Over Frequent Visitors

Jun 11th 2013 10:22PM the man needs to be in a hospice not in an apartment with friends coming in whenever they feel like it fighting, hollering whatever shitthey do in the building. he doesn't look too thin and frail as i have seen most osteocarcinonma ... Bone cancer people to look like.

Tenants: Stench of Death Makes St. Louis Complex 'Unlivable'

May 18th 2013 12:09AM Oh sure they're gonna soak as you said SOAK the drapes? right the brown carpets in bleach? right!! soak the fireplace soak the shower and soak the door and soak the mirrors and soak all the walls and soak the hot water heater, soak the windows soak the screens, soak your head. dumbass post..

Tenants: Stench of Death Makes St. Louis Complex 'Unlivable'

May 18th 2013 12:03AM maybe people thought it was some one cooking cabbage.

Tenants: Stench of Death Makes St. Louis Complex 'Unlivable'

May 17th 2013 11:59PM wrong. i once sat in on a friends civil suit against a landlady who refused to give money back to a new tenANT said the place was over ridden with cockroaches and did not see them when she came to see the apt. each time in the daytime. The judge said if any apartment is inhabitable, then no rent is due to the owner.

Sex Offenders' Homes Get Warning Signs in Bradford County, Fla.

May 9th 2013 11:27PM michael? sex offenders are always going to try to get another victim where as a bank robber will not always rob a bank. a sex offender has a mental problem where he or she sees kids as sex doesnt matter if they served their time they are anxious to get back to their normal way of life .

Pope Francis Chooses Hotel Suite Over Vatican's Papal Residence

Mar 27th 2013 9:15PM well who is going to give him a piece of their mind? haha he can do whatever he wants. well too bad someone chose him now you have to live with it till he croaks.

Soldier Brandon Weir Must Take Down American Flag, HOA Demands

Mar 3rd 2013 6:08PM `Home owners associations protect other owners as well if you need a new roof then the others chip in as well. If a broken water pipe creates a flood the other homeowners chip in for the repair. If there is a lot of cracks and weeds growing out of your driveway other homeowners chip in to repave it. You also pay per year on these home owner association usually 4-500 a year. But..if you see a tree you'd like to put in front of your condo area you need to get approval from the home owners association all you can do is either become a member of their board or move away.

Full Disclosure Laws: Janet Milliken Sues Seller, Realtor Over Home's Notorious Past

Jan 30th 2013 11:06PM with a lot of people dyig in the own home with hospice there will be more and more of these stories.


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