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Jean Brown

Jean Brown

Member Since Apr 24th, 2007

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Royal Wedding Cake: 8 Tiers & 900 Flowers [PHOTOS]

Apr 29th 2011 3:54PM No it won't - it's done in stages and most wedding cakes are baked then frozen to retain freshness then decorated.

Obama Recess Appointments: 15 Names, Including Controversial Labor Lawyer

Mar 27th 2010 9:21PM maybe if he had stayed in the Senate a little longer we would have figured out how Congress works!! Bully school yard tatics at it again.

Will 'Numb3rs' Get Canceled?

Nov 5th 2009 2:12PM why not make "Flashpoint" the lead in to Numbers?? Let's dump Medium and or Ghost Whisperer - I have to make it a point to turn on Numbers because I'm NOT on CBS prior to that time slot on Fridays - sometimes not even home.

Obama's Fashion Statement: Theater Casual

Jun 4th 2009 12:39AM if they had any 'class' this never would have happened; besides what is wrong with the theater in DC? I know they have good 'watering holes' there.

Michelle Obama Style Predictions

Nov 6th 2008 10:44PM I agree with you! It's time someone teaches her how to walk - and not like a linebacker!!! Poor Mrs. Kennedy must be rolling in her grave with the comparisons. She also needs a new hairdo - what a mess.

Mark Harmon threatens to quit NCIS

Apr 24th 2007 7:22PM Harmon is the only reason to watch the show - get rid of Michael Weatherly. As for Katie Couric - let her find the unemployment line!!


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