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Chelsy Davy Dons Alberta Ferretti for the Royal Wedding

Apr 30th 2011 12:02PM she's a freaking MESS!!! I agree, she looks like a hungover, worn out hooker, like she drank all night and had sex and just picked her crumpled up clothes up from the floor and through them back on just before heading to the ceremony. Harry you can do better than that!!

How Do You Feel About This Sexy Pregnant Lady Ad?

Oct 3rd 2009 1:48AM it must suck being him...sounds like a real jerk

Kate Gosselin's New Hairstyle

Sep 16th 2009 5:28PM I think she looks beautiful, that's a much softer, feminine look on her. You go Kate!!!

2009 Reality TV Awards

Jul 12th 2009 2:32AM Kyle...(post #1, July 8th 4:14pm)
You are a cruel, sick individual. It must suck being you.


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