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Irish Gaelic, Rapa Nui And More Endangered Languages From Around The World

Jun 8th 2013 9:38AM So you see no importance of history or culture? Would you be okay with wiping out your family history? Who they were? What kind of people were they? What did they do? How did they live? That may not be important to you but you have tunnel vision. Not everyone wants to be a multi-millionaire. Some people find other things more important. Like being true to who they are and where they come from. What if they don't want to come out of the jungles and disband their tribes? What if they don't want to live in New York? Where do you get off saying there is only one way to successfully live? Diversity in cultures is one of the many ways that make humans unique. IT IS IMPORTANT. Open your eyes. We're not talking about the homeless and poor on the streets of the United States here.

Irish Gaelic, Rapa Nui And More Endangered Languages From Around The World

Jun 8th 2013 9:25AM I hope that this triggers people to now keep a record of these languages for future generations. We have the technology to do this. Record the language and the traditions so they don't die forever. In the future, new generations may want to draw on some of these cultures and their traditions when they realize they have gone too far in the opposite direction.
Record it for history. Record it the same way we have recorded geneology for families. It IS important.

98-Year-Old's Birthday Surprise: Eviction Notice From Her Son

Feb 17th 2012 7:02PM There has got to be some way her attorney can void what the idiot son did. It says "on the condition that Mary could live there for the rest of her life". What's not to understand about that??? What kind of a legal system do we have these days? It doesn't protect us at all.

LeAnn Rimes on Bikini Photo: Those Are Abs, Not Bones

May 31st 2011 8:29AM Look at her. Her arms are smooth. Her whole body is smooth. She does NOT have that caved in feature of druggies and/or anorexics. Her face isn't caved in. She is very lean.
Some of you people are nutso putting her body and her love life in the same boat. Many times there are relationships that are not meant to be and some that are. How do you know how other people truly feel inside? Let them be. Maybe it's time all of us look at our own lives and stop trying to destroy everyone else's. The world would be a much better place. I wish Leann and her husband the best.

Patricia Heaton Has Lost Potential Roles Because of Her Politics

May 21st 2011 9:09AM Ok! Before anyone jumps on me, I saw my own mistake in what I wrote. BUT I'm not a writer.

Patricia Heaton Has Lost Potential Roles Because of Her Politics

May 21st 2011 9:07AM Nice article but the writer needs to go back to school and learn how to write and spell. Pretty bad when you read news articles and they use of the language is so bad.
I enjoy Patricia's acting and hope she has a "happy" career. But it is so nice to hear that her career isn't at all what defines her. I think that will take her any place that brings her joy.

Ashton Kutcher to Replace Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men'

May 13th 2011 6:12PM I'll watch it. I like Ashton. No, it won't be the same as with Charlie, but Charlie isn't any kind of god either. He's an idiot. Ashton has done some good work and could possibly put out a pretty good show. I'll give it a chance. All shows were new once....

Did Kate Middleton Copy This European Royal's Wedding Dress?

May 12th 2011 5:58PM Sandra, I LOVE your comment! You are so totally right on about the whole dang thing! Bravo to you, and thanks for saying exactly what I was thinking.

Bedwetting More Common in Boys Than Girls, Study Shows

Mar 29th 2011 11:55AM The worst thing anyone can do to a bedwetter is humiliate them. The stories about destroyed self esteem abound out in the world. The best thing to do is be gentle and do what you can to make it easier on both of you. Buy waterproof protection for the mattress. Allow your kids to use "night pants" if needed. Reassure them always. They will grow out of it! I believe it can be hereditary and can also have to do with deep sleep patterns. I was not a regular bed wetter but I did have a couple instances in my life where I barely caught myself because I was using the bathroom in my dream! That was shocking when I woke up and realized it.
Please be kind to your children!! The less stress you put on them the better/healthier they will be.

Katy Perry & Russell Brand Marry

Oct 26th 2010 8:21AM I love Russell Brand! Every time I see him on a talk show, he cracks me up! Bless Katy for getting him to settle down, although he's been on the "settling down" path for a few years now.
I wish them the best of luck and hope it lasts a lifetime!


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