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Norm Stevens

Norm Stevens

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Toni Braxton's Foreclosed Mansion Up for Sale for $1.1 Million

Nov 16th 2012 10:42AM Someone needs to tell Kim on Atlanta Housewife about this house, since she is being evicted from her house!

Idaho's Empty Governor's Mansion a Thorn in Residents' Sides

Oct 26th 2012 5:01PM Let the Romney's move in, so he can see how they think the 47% live! I know it's a step down for them, but roughing it will make them more empathetic!After all, they will never get to live in the White House!

Ricky Martin, boyfriend take quickie Sardinia getaway (photos)

Aug 22nd 2011 4:00PM Who are you to question what Homosexuals feel about derogatory comments about their sexual identity? Are you gay? Have you been berated for loving someone of the same sex? Don't comment on something you know nothing about! Why is it that some heterosexuals just hate seeing happy gay couples. Is it that they are envious? Looking at Heterosexual divorce statistics, I would say yes!

Ricky Martin, boyfriend take quickie Sardinia getaway (photos)

Aug 22nd 2011 3:42PM What a happy couple! Love the fact that they have adopted!

Sandra Bullock's Evolving Style (PHOTOS)

Jul 26th 2011 12:20PM You go Sandra! Don't you know that Jesse James looks at this picture and crys! He couldn't even keep that tattoo freak he was engaged to!

Courtney Love | Style Evolution

Jul 9th 2011 8:15PM Who the heck cares about Courtney Love anymore except the media! Her 15 minutes of fame has long past expired! She is just a nasty drug addict, with nothing to offer!

Schwarzenegger to Pay Out 'Very Generous Divorce Settlement'

Jul 5th 2011 3:55PM Patsy, I think it is time for your medication. The Kennedy's have done nothing to you, and are not out to get you! Arnold just pulled down his pants one too many times without protection; and will pay for that dearly! Arnold is a Republican Womanizer who does not deserve Maria! Arnold can wave goodbye to his money, wife and children; and can curl up with his ugly maid!

Hefner Finds His Rebound Girl: Anna Sophia Berglund

Jun 20th 2011 5:28PM Sounds like Heff's love for his ex-fiance last as long as his viagra!

Bristol Palin Reveals She Lost Virginity While Drunk

Jun 20th 2011 3:03PM So while she was in high school she was having sex and drinking; and going on overnite camping trips with her boyfriend. Great parenting skills Sarah & Todd! Looks like Sarah should spend less time watching those pesky Russians, and more time watching her children!

Click and Support Veterans via Facebook and Twitter

May 30th 2011 8:11AM Your compassion is underwhelming! I would bet that you are not a VET!


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