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Norm Stevens

Norm Stevens

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Toni Braxton's Foreclosed Mansion Up for Sale for $1.1 Million

Nov 16th 2012 10:42AM Someone needs to tell Kim on Atlanta Housewife about this house, since she is being evicted from her house!

Idaho's Empty Governor's Mansion a Thorn in Residents' Sides

Oct 26th 2012 5:01PM Let the Romney's move in, so he can see how they think the 47% live! I know it's a step down for them, but roughing it will make them more empathetic!After all, they will never get to live in the White House!

Sandra Bullock's Evolving Style (PHOTOS)

Jul 26th 2011 12:20PM You go Sandra! Don't you know that Jesse James looks at this picture and crys! He couldn't even keep that tattoo freak he was engaged to!

Courtney Love | Style Evolution

Jul 9th 2011 8:15PM Who the heck cares about Courtney Love anymore except the media! Her 15 minutes of fame has long past expired! She is just a nasty drug addict, with nothing to offer!

Britney Campbell, 8-Year-Old Botox User, Taken Out of Mother's Home (Video)

May 16th 2011 3:52PM This mother needs serious counseling before this child is returned to her. And the child must never be entered in those child beauty pagents again!

Are Tea Partiers Gaming the Vote for Bristol Palin on 'Dancing With the Stars'?

Nov 18th 2010 7:30AM The producers of Dancing with the stars knowingly ruined this show by introducing politics into the voting. Bristol is a nice girl but not a "Star" by any stretch of the imagination. Effort alone, does not warrant Bristol still being on the show. If Bristol wins, I will never watch this show again, and I have watched it since it's inception!

Bristol Palin Reveals What She'll Tell Her Son About Abstinence

Jul 5th 2010 1:30PM When can we be rid of the Palins! They are all media junkies, and not one of them deserves the attention!

Kristen Wiig Bows Before Kathie Lee Gifford (VIDEO)

May 19th 2010 1:22PM Kathie Lee impersonator is better than the real thing!

Kathie Lee Gifford More Fabulous Than Madonna?

May 18th 2010 4:32PM Kathie Lee beautiful? Give me a break! Vichey Labs must be the third world sweat shop that made Kathie Lee clothing line!

Newsweek, fighting for survival, drifts toward irrelevancy

Nov 17th 2009 9:06PM Democrats are not afraid of Palin, they are just embarrassed that Republicans would think that this air head is Presidential material. She lost the election for McCain and then quit her job as Governor of Alaska before her term was up. So we have a loser and quiter that the Republican Party is considering for the Presidency? Give me a break!


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