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Video Shows Gas Thief Setting Self on Fire, Crashing Truck Into Home in Mesa, Ariz.

Nov 3rd 2012 3:45PM He got what he deserves and will get a lot more when he recovers.

Video Shows Gas Thief Setting Self on Fire, Crashing Truck Into Home in Mesa, Ariz.

Nov 3rd 2012 3:43PM He got what he deserved and will get a lot more when he recovers.

Charlize Theron's Style Evolution (PHOTOS)

Aug 7th 2011 3:32PM My son had the great fortune of meeting this beautiful woman and said she was as nice as could be. I have always thought that Charlize was one of the most beautiful woman on the planet and still do. Her's is a natural beauty that not many woman could ever dream of having.

Red Pants: A History

May 31st 2011 11:24PM Demi looks the way she does because she takes care of herself. I am sure she eats well and excersises every day. If more of you women wouldn't let yourselves go to hell after you get married your husbands might be more attentive. I don't want to hear that she has the time. Everyone has 15 to 30 minutes a day to spare. Excersise while you are watchng you soaps.

Pippa Middleton Inspires New Butt-Lifting Surgery

May 17th 2011 8:59PM I agree. Pippa is pretty but not close to the beauty her sister has. She has a great body but at her age tons of women have that. Lets check her out in 20 years.

Ellen Helps Sheri Get the Job!

Feb 12th 2011 4:38AM You know Dee there are always going to be people like you. I could tell you stories about my nightmares but this is a time to be thankful for what we have. All your negativity isn't going to get you anywhere. Did you ever think about writing to the Ellen show, of course not. Think positive and maybe something nice will happen to you. People usually cause there own problems.

'Three Stooges' Movie Back On -- All They Need Are Stooges

Dec 4th 2010 9:59AM Are you kidding me, Del Toro looks like Moe. Not even close. I say, don't bother making this picture. No one could do justice to Moe, Larry and Curly.

My Unemployed Life: The Forgotten Woman, But Now Not Alone

Nov 28th 2010 7:04AM I read these blogs and can't believe what some morons say on them. Yes, I mean you B. Moore, Tom R. Frank. You are the reason this country is going down hill. Have you ever helped anyone in your pathetic lives. I didn't think so. Your day is coming.

Edward Norton on Robert DeNiro: "He's Not Intimidating. He's Weird." (VIDEO)

Sep 25th 2010 9:11AM James and jon, Ed Norton is a great actor and said he loves and are friends with DeNiro. You are as bad as some of the mags out there. Try watching American History X you dumb shits'

J-Lo to Pocket $12 Million as a Judge on 'American Idol'

Sep 13th 2010 6:07PM What show is Idle????


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