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Dave Schimpf

Dave Schimpf

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What Happened After the Kiss(es): First Dance, Speeches & More

May 1st 2011 4:33PM Amen to what Phred said. As to Sherri....that was NOT a stupid remark. We need to get back to old fashion values and let the people in the USA alone by the government. This country was great before we had all of this government intervention.

What Happened After the Kiss(es): First Dance, Speeches & More

May 1st 2011 3:50PM Hey Kathy, the wedding didn't cost 1.2 million but actually 34 MILLION!!!! As for it coming out of the Queen's pocket.....NO....her pockets were filled by those stupid Brit taxpayers. The queen and those royal snobs never worked a day in their lives.
I do have to give credit to William for being in the Royal air force....more than most royals do.

Prince William and Kate Middleton Bestowed Titles of Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Apr 29th 2011 8:20AM Duh, the crown is footing the bill for this "royal" wedding? Where did the "crown" get their money, none of those "blue blooded" idiots work for a living nor did they ever. They got their money from those stupid "commoners" who work. What a bunch of morons in England. No wonder we beat their butts TWICE.

Video: Heidi Klum Gives the Panties She's Wearing For Jay Leno's Gift Bag

Mar 1st 2011 10:37AM You obviously don't realize a stunt when you see one. You gotta know how Leno's show works. Watch the video, you can tell its not her panties as the video "jumps" at the exact time. It is a Stunt people.

Charlie Sheen to CBS: 'We're at War'

Feb 28th 2011 11:34AM Just another egotistical actor on drugs getting away with breaking the law in Hollywood. Go figure.
When will the law ever "crack" down on these people?
He will be dead before he's 60.

Charley Rosen: Carmelo Burns LeBron as Knicks Win in Miami

Feb 28th 2011 11:20AM All I see in that photo are two overpaid athletes with tattoos up and down their arms. Why do these "morons" have to put "tats" all over their bodies? HELLO...its not pretty nor neat.
This is one reason why I don't watch the national bozo league

Lisa Rinna a Possible Replacement for Regis?

Jan 28th 2011 12:47PM Arrrrgggghhhh! Two women? You gonna call it "The View 2".
My wife and I won't watch if they add a woman.

Evidence of OJ Simpson's Innocence Was Held From Murder Trial, Lawyer Says

Jan 12th 2011 8:20PM If Bailey is so confident of OJ being innocent, then why was the look of astonishment and amazement so evident on his face when that terrible verdict was read?
Just watch the film, if you don't get sick, and focus on Bailey's face and how he turned around. That says it all.
That murderous B****** got away with murder...but it bit him back.

Chad Ochocinco Planning to Fire Rifle for TD Celebration in New England

Sep 2nd 2010 11:34AM Before I even opened up the story I knew it was about Chad, "its all about me". When is the NFL going to step forward and stop all of this childish behavior. No wonder our children trash talk more than ever and have such boorish behavior.

Life Imitates Art for Gaga But Has She Gone Too Far?

Jun 24th 2010 11:29AM You mean Lady "GAG GAG". What a piece of trash she is. No wonder our young people fall into disrespect too.


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