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World War II Vet John Potter, 91, Faces Eviction by Daughter

Apr 25th 2013 8:58PM As grandma would say: she SHOULD BOIN (burn)!

Sarah Ferguson: They 'Destroyed' Me Because I'm a Royal Ex Wife

Jul 8th 2011 11:53AM THEY didn't destroy you YOU did. THEY didn't tell you to get yourself photoed with a man not your husband sucking on your toes. THEY didn't tell you to get millions of dollars in debt. THEY didn't tell you to sell access you your ex husband. YOU did. And for the record, you married a man on active duty with the Navy. Of COURSE he would be away at sea for weeks/months at a time. DUH. How could you NOT know that? Even the Queen, who as Princess Elizabeth married a Navy man knew that. How could you not?

Kate Middleton and Her Prince: Charming in Canada

Jul 3rd 2011 1:23PM She's not Kate Middleton, She's not Kate Middleton, She's not Kate Middleton,She's not Kate Middleton.

Maybe if we say it long enough the writers will get the message that she's CATHERINE, the Duchess of Cambridge

Teen Mom Amber Portwood in Hospital After Suicide Threat

Jun 14th 2011 5:03PM 'Baby daddy'? how juvenile can toyu get? He is the child's father. Why not just call him tht?

Royals Lead Parade to Celebrate Queen's Birthday (Photos)

Jun 11th 2011 3:39PM Again I say it: she is not longer Kate MIDDLETON. She's MARRIED. Get with the programme.

Queen of the Carpet: Kate Middleton Dazzles in Crystal Gown (Photo)

Jun 10th 2011 2:04PM Whether or not you are a royalist is irrelevant. The fact remains that she is now married and unless she declares she wishes to continue using her maiden name she is now either 1) The Duchess of Cambridge; 2) Princess William (only royal-born can be called Princess with their given name) or 3) Mrs. Catherine Windsor.

Queen of the Carpet: Kate Middleton Dazzles in Crystal Gown (Photo)

Jun 9th 2011 8:44PM Why do you insist on calling her Kate MIDDLETON? She is the Duchess of Cambridge now. Sheesh get with the program already.

Mother of 'Genderless' Baby Storm Speaks Out

May 31st 2011 1:22PM Uh I don't think the gender decision is the child's. Uh I think it's like biological, at least physically..

Andrew Morton: 'Catherine and Pippa Are Very Competitive'

May 19th 2011 10:55AM Why is anyones 1) interested in anything an opportunist like Andrew Morton has to say and 2) the sibling rivalry between two grown women?

Genug already!

Pippa Middleton Inspires New Butt-Lifting Surgery

May 17th 2011 9:03PM Oko She is not Duchess Catherine Middleton. She is Catherine Duchess of Cambridge. She ceased to be a Middletion officially on her marriage. Does anyone proofread these things?

Get with the program already


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