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Chinese Buyers Flood U.S. Housing Market

Jul 16th 2013 1:00PM with a name may be just one of the kind you are here to attack,what's up?.

Penélope Cruz Talks Beauty, Life and Celebrity

May 24th 2011 4:47PM Penelope..ignore the envy are one of a kind..beautiful..talented..and a very lucky girl to have Javier as your partner in and are so very beautiful.

Katie Holmes in Green Blouse & Leather Pants: Our Look of the Day

Mar 18th 2011 2:18PM oh..Please.give me a break..not only is she NOT the brightest crayon in the box..but she is just an image for Tom to devolope..he did the same to Nicole..the difference is that Nicole can really act..this one is brainless and silly...which is what she usuallyy plays i wonder who could equate her to Jackie O...only an imbecile.

Katie Holmes in Green Blouse & Leather Pants: Our Look of the Day

Mar 18th 2011 2:11PM Katie Holmes has become another Nicole Kidman Tom Cruise production..he tries to mold them into his image..he is doing the same for Katie..find pics on both and you will see the changing views...the only difference is that Nicole Kidman..had a brain..this girl is not the brightest crayon in the box trust me on that. And why would she need an untourage to go shopping?

Nicole Kidman Dishes on Tom Cruise! (And Botox)

Mar 9th 2011 2:32PM ''i was was never seeking to be a celebrity''...PLEASE NICOLE..who are you fast we forget...what a phony.

Dior Designer John Galliano Is Fired; Natalie Portman 'Deeply Shocked and Disgusted' by His Anti-Semitic Remarks

Mar 2nd 2011 12:53PM Funny how Natalie Portman still is so involve in the acting scene after hearing Mel Gibson give us in a famous drunken ranting video to the police about his thoughts on ''Jews''..i bet she ignored all she is so sensitive about it all. Face it world..some and more in this world will have thoughts and opinions on others..and yes..the ''Jews'' are included. Human genocide did not start with the Jewish people..China had it your history do not see the chinese constantly demanding ..I am not implying that none of this makes it right.But You can not force those who dislike others to change opinions and thoughts..unless you prefer hypocrisy. Jewish people are pretty much in charge of the arts and the media..and maybe now they want it total adoration.

Jennifer Lopez Shows Skin in White Bridal-like Gown

Oct 26th 2010 5:58AM colors..lead to Puff Daddy..yes she know's how she got there..strong legs..big rear..congrats!

Jennifer Lopez Shows Skin in White Bridal-like Gown

Oct 26th 2010 5:53AM lately Jennifer love's to pose with the exact pout with the open mouth in all her pic' look's un-natural..and over done. Please give it a break!! ..jenny.

Kardashian Sisters Debut Glamour Tan Gel Exclusively At Sephora

Jun 1st 2010 3:34PM Oh the art of photoshop..they trust me do not look like that..and as for tanning..they were born tanned...what a joke..please not be decieve...

Jennifer Aniston's Best Movie Roles

Feb 12th 2010 6:06PM are correct we have the right to express our choice in quality entertainment..i agree Aniston is a common under talented overpaid actress..she does have connections..her dad has been around for many years in the entertainment world..and connections will count in Hollywood.


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