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The Mortgage Fix That Can Save the Economy

Aug 29th 2011 6:03PM you know the banks will never help the people and neither will the gov. right now all the properties that are repo are being bought up by investment companies.the worse the economy the better the deals. in the end the rich will get richer and the poor will have nothing. a two class system rich and poor.look walk out on your home and buy a repo.their are auctions all over this country and all you need is family help to get a loan and your back in a house with a 50,000 dollar mortgage.this is the time to buy. buy a repo while still owning the upside down mortgage and than let the upsidedown mortgage go back to the bank and move to the repo,be creative and smater than the banks.

Paula Deen's Getting Sued, Y'all

Mar 23rd 2010 8:00PM its about time someone nails the dean family. they are trash with trash mouths.

An open letter to Jay Mohr about Gary Unmarried

Nov 14th 2009 12:33PM great show,i miss gary on ghost whisperer.

And the Oscar Buzz Goes to ... 'Precious'

Nov 8th 2009 4:39PM just anothe oprah race movie like beloved that will lose money. nobody caresa bout black getto life,if so,go there.

Home foreclosures jump in previously untouched cities

Oct 28th 2009 10:53AM these reduced prices are saving alot of people. know everyone has a shot at buying a house. sorry for those who lost but alot of peole i know coulod never afford to buy a house under the old prices.

Loan losses punish Bank of America's bottom line

Oct 16th 2009 12:57PM ok,we have been robbed. stop doing business with the banks. pay cash,live like your grandparents did in the day.they will die without our money so give up the interest,give up the stock dividend, for a year and watch them fold and put us back in charge of the steps for now.

COLA wars: Social Security beneficiaries won't get a raise next year

Oct 15th 2009 9:17PM put the politicians on social security and watch the system improve.they have their own retirement unlike the rest of the united states.obma wants to destroy the elderly between health care and social security.soyant green he calls them.

Goldman Sachs' giant bonus PR headache

Oct 12th 2009 7:33PM let them have their bonus. they earned it . they stole your money with the gov help.get over it there is nothing you can do. your just mad because you cannot figure out a way to get your hands on some of those billions.

New York Post editor fired after speaking out against controversial cartoon

Oct 7th 2009 5:37PM obama may love his white relatives even though he did not go to his grandmothers funeral.he hates the rest of the whites who treated him like dirt on the big island because he was poor and mixed. blacks do not like mixed either. obama and his wife delt with racial law cases. that is his area .yes he hates whites and made money proving their racist.

Unemployment is a disaster. Why is the market surprised?

Oct 2nd 2009 3:51PM you should be shocked that the market is where it is. the country is falling apart and the market is up,b.s. that just shows how bogus the market is.take your money out ,pay down your bills, and let them twist in the wind.


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