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Sandra Andersen

Sandra Andersen

Member Since Mar 9th, 2007

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It Happened Last Night: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen at the CFDA Awards

Jun 7th 2011 8:05PM I think people are just trying to be helful but they (the twins) aren't heeding any advice. Poor things.

Delta Offers Owner of Dead Kitten $50

Feb 16th 2011 8:52PM anyone who sends their pets in cargo during the winter is nuts and should be charged with animal cruelty. One time I was to go from San Diego to Wash. DC. I was told the cats might not arrive alive. Just for that sort of thing happening plus if there is a layover the cargo hold is generally open. My luggage flew, I drove, with two cats in a corvette. Did I mention it was New Year's Eve when I left.
I feel badly for the owner though. How traumatic and can you imagine the poor kitten freezing to death.

Debenhams Ad Campaign Stars Middle-Aged Models

Sep 24th 2010 8:12PM I would be happy to be #4. I'll send pics.

Site Lets Tourists "Rent a Local Friend"

May 19th 2010 7:31PM I planned a one year trip around the world and went by myself. Yes some tour buses but then talking to local people and staying at B&B's was the best for me. I only made it to 13 countries and metsomeone and married and stayed inthat country for 3 years. Traveling is great but I don't think you need to RENT a friend.

Confessions Of A Professional Housekeeper

Apr 6th 2010 10:56PM Just keep a close eye on your housekeeper until you have trust.
Try to kep a clean house and dont leave anything out you wouldn't want your pastor, priest etc to see. I just want someone to do the dirty and tediose jobs I don't want to do. Clean the chandelier, the oven etc. No I don't have a self cleaning oven.

Regis Philbin attacks Jimmy Kimmel on plane - VIDEO

Oct 26th 2007 10:53PM Absolutely stupid.

Would you wear a cat hair sweater?

Mar 14th 2007 6:38PM Two cats own me. One gets brushed about 3-4 times a week, she sheds the most. I think it is a great, innovative idea, otherwise the shed fur just gets tossed in the trash. At least that is what I do with mine.
PETA couldn't possibly find anything wrong with this. It also isn't as if a cat could be killed to get the same fur, this is from brushing not a skin. So all you idiots out there who already thinking, oh, let's round up some cats.
Forget it.


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