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White House Real Estate Value Drops

Jan 4th 2011 11:13PM Why is this news worthy. President Obama does not own The White House. The People of the United States Do. All I can say is that, the Republicans and Karl Rove are a mess.

Look for Less - Katie Couric

Oct 31st 2010 6:07PM It is sad that all of you creatures that is going off on this woman. One thing Katie has that most of you don't and that is bank. I am sure the majority of you here with your childish comments have worthless lives so I guess it makes you feel good that you can dish her. Not only does she have bank, but she has a hell of a job and being paid well. So why don't creature go under your rocks or back in your caves and leave this lady alone.

Budget Airline Check-In Worker Hits Passenger

Oct 14th 2010 11:11PM You are right, the DJ is the loser and if he was such a hot shot, how come he is flying a budget airline probably one that is not part of a frequently flyer program. I am a Platinum Flyer with American and rarely do I have to deal with what this moron was facing...

Bristol Palin's Candie's Teen Pregnancy PSA Encore - Now Engaged, A Single Mom She Ain't

Jul 15th 2010 6:03PM

This is absolutely horrible. This young lady gets pregnant (under aged) and out of wedlock, then is allowed to do a commercial to warn of early pregnancy. The hypocrisy of society that this young lady and her family can get off with a sort of slap on the wrist. However, if this was one of the Obama girls this country would be calling for the family's head. I am appalled at the crap and double standards here. It is not cute nor does it send the right message.

The Obama, who exemplify family value are racked over the cool, where as The Palin family is received in a jester of like, live and let live or leave the Palins along... Give me a break.


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