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Pippa Middleton Makes More Waves as Bikini Pics Emerge

May 11th 2011 4:55PM Apparently passports are not a license for learning. Did you know how badly the Irish economy is doing?

The Nomadic Life of Former Knicks Captain Ray Williams

Oct 12th 2010 9:42PM Where is Gus he's gotta have a couple of bucks left.

Tiger's Handlers 'Mad As Hell' Over Partying Amid Divorce Concerns

Apr 22nd 2010 4:52PM Who cares if he went to a concert, what he can't do anything if his wife and kids are leaving town?

But I never knew Nicleback was his favorite group, they stink. Poppy rock is insulting to any real rock fan. Now I do hate Tiger.

Cramer on BloggingStocks: Stunning elections put health care names back in play

Nov 4th 2009 9:51AM Stunning Virginia is one of the purplist states in the union. this loss has little to do with Health Care and much more to do with the candidates. Cramer is probably on the Wellpoint payroll. Of course business is more important than the society as a whole. I say buy Wellpoint, its probably just as good as Cramer's recommmendation of Bear Sterns.

Young Fan Wins Lawsuit for Ryan Howard's 200th Career Home Run Ball

Oct 8th 2009 2:20PM Howard should just sell some more authographs and use that money to buy the ball back from the kid. That would perfectly some up the imperfect nature of both sides position.

1972 or 2007? No Comparison

Dec 29th 2007 5:50PM Speed does not play into this. Paul Warfield was plenty fast enough as was Mercury Morris. The rule changes, size and superior training methods would make a difference. By the old rule with the Dolphins getting todays trainging methods this is a very close game.

Michael Strahan's Ex-Wife Scraping by on $3.7M Savings

Apr 9th 2007 5:02PM Why does everyone care so much about what this woman is getting? The law is simple and should be applied to everyone equally. The kids live at the same level as when their dad lived with them. Why does that seem wrong to anyone? If Strahan doesn't like he shouldn't have had children. Would you be saying the same thing if the Strahan made 25K and had to give his wife and kids half. So if he makes 25million shouldn't he have to give he wife and kids just the same. And before we let Strahan off the hook, does anyone know what type of husband and father he was. Was he abusive, I know a football player abusive, can anyone imagine that? You think he married this woman for love or looks? You think he committed adultery, a pro athelete committing adultery you have to be kidding me? You think he wasted his money on rediculous things like tons of cars and homes, no not a professional athelete. I'm sure he was exemplary, father and husband of the year. Give me a break. Wait he earned his money through his hard work. Coming from the same people who are usually upset that atheletes earn so much money for playing a kids game that they were lucky enough to have natural ability for. Your all just jealous.

Another Early Tournament Exit for Bob Knight: His Last?

Mar 15th 2007 4:28PM If being a man means being a arrogant bully, who thinks it's okay to throw chairs at people just because he's losing a game and to piss on people who he deems to be of lesser social status than him, then Bob Knight is great. Hopefully he's still coaching in 11 years so my son can learn these great lessons of life from him.

Report: Tom Brady Gets Gisele Bundchen Pregnant

Mar 8th 2007 5:09PM Let me just preface what I am going to say by stating that I absolutely hate the Patriots. First they beat my Jets, then when they could have won a pool for me they lose. Tom Brady looks like a pretty boy to me. After these revelations it would seem that he is a mimbo. How dumb can you be?If I got to be with these two girls I'd make sure I had protection so I could keep on doing it(not that that would happen.) What an idiot. Two palimony suits at once is that a record?

Duke Golfer Andrew Giuliani Won't Campaign for Father

Mar 4th 2007 9:11PM Strong on character. Humiliating his wife by throwing her out of the Mayor's mansion, telling the press before telling his wife that he was having an affair. He reeks of character. And while I don't know the reasons behind the affair and it would be unfair for me to judge, his son does know and has the right to come to his mother's defense. As for his public actions on the issue they speak for themselves. Can you guys be anymore self righteous.


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