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Who Wore It Best? Jennifer Lopez and Drew Barrymore in Pucci (PHOTOS, POLL)

Aug 9th 2011 5:04PM What makes anyone so sure that JLo's photo hasn't been photoshopped, too?

Helen Mirren | Now & Then (PHOTOS)

Jul 26th 2011 8:17PM It's been said that by the time you're fifty, you have the face you deserve. Clearly, Dame Mirren has been doing something right in her life. She is a truly fine actor, has a great sense of humor (as evidenced by her appearance on SNL)and her career is still going strong. Carry on, Helen! You are doing great and looking great as you do it!

Jennifer Lopez and Britney Spears In Sequin Bodysuit: Who Wore It Best? [Photos, Poll]

Jul 21st 2011 9:02PM If we're going to disparage 'old' women, let's take a lot at how unattractive some famous old men are. Like Hugh Hefner, Robert Redford, just to start a list. These two, and others look like shriveled old leather and I cannot imagine touching them.
And no, not even for their money.

Model Doutzen Kroes Reveals Flat Stomach Two Months Post-Baby

Mar 23rd 2011 6:07PM story. I keep reading about all these professional models and actresses who get their figures back in 8 weeks, etc.
I don't think this is such a big deal because, several years go, I met a woman at a 4th of July party. With her was her newborn son. The baby had been born the day before, the 3rd. Her tummy was completely flat and this isn't an exaggeration. She was an aerobics instructor and admitted to me that the nurses watched in amazement as her abdomen flattened itself, as they watched, immediately in the minutes after birth. She was about 30 years old anf just in great shape. If I hadn't seen her tummy and the baby, I wouldn't have believed it. A few years later, she had another baby, and the same thing happened. I wanted to hate her, but couldn't because she was just such a nice person!

Emma Watson Is New Face of LancĂ´me

Mar 14th 2011 4:26PM OK, bored, we get it. But this company does have nice products, perhaps not the least expensive available,but also not the most ungodly expensive.
I'd rather pay the price for mascara that does what I want it to do, than to pay cheap prices for gunk that I'm wrestling to get on every time I'm using it. I think it's refreshing that they are using a sweet young thing who is not ultra-famous, not known for being ultra- glamorous to sell their products. I am aware that she's much younger than me, as I think most women are aware of the relativity of their age. It's a nasty job but somebody's gotta do it! (Just don't have her trying to sell mascara while she's posing with fake lashes and then claiming that fake lashes are not needed with Lancombe products.)It seems like every cosmetic company is now doing this, as if they think we can't tell their models are wearing fakes. I find this incredibly insulting to us as consumers.

American Apparel and CEO Dov Charney Hit With $260 Million Sex Lawsuit

Mar 10th 2011 1:33PM Jean, don't you think that all these replies to your post just make your point? I do. Good post!

American Apparel and CEO Dov Charney Hit With $260 Million Sex Lawsuit

Mar 10th 2011 1:28PM Teehee? How adult. You obviously have no understanding of the psychological damage this kind of thing can do to a teen age girl. Why don't you walk a mile in her moccs before making such a flippant remark?

American Apparel and CEO Dov Charney Hit With $260 Million Sex Lawsuit

Mar 10th 2011 1:24PM Cheryl said CEO's and Repub's. Either. And if you take a look at the repub's voting records, they are not very supportive of women's issues of any kind. CEOs just seem to think women owe them, period. I am talking about male CEOs. But maybe the women are that way, too.

Virgin Blue Admits Toddler Was Put in Overhead Bin

Mar 6th 2011 12:50PM Just about any parent knows that you don't react to your kid falling down, don't make a big deal out of it, the kid won't either. So, what we have here, if indeed the child's reactions are being reported accurately by the mom, is a child responding to the cues his mother is giving him. But any parent who cries for days and days after an episode in which her 17month old child is put into the overhead bin on a jet for 10 seconds, is a great candidate for having Munchausen by Proxy.
For heaven's sake, they fired the flight attendant and have offered free flights, now it's time for mom to dial down the rhetoric before she causes her child to have a lifelong phobia about flying.


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