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Official Royal Wedding Photos Released

May 1st 2011 5:38PM It was worth getting up at 3:30 in the morning to watch such a beautiful wedding. The groom is handsome, the bride is beautiful and together they make a loving and beautiful couple. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will have everlasting love and happiness. Everyone looked great. The Queen was absolutely stunning and cheerful in her yellow outfit. Best of luck to all.

Official Royal Wedding Photos Released

May 1st 2011 2:10PM Adored your mother Princess Diana and I watched you as a young child growing up. Prince William you have grown up into a wonderful handsome young man. Your mother did a wonderful job bringing you up. I know she would be happy and proud on this your Wedding Day. I have watched you and Catherine throughout your courtship. You couldn't have picked a more beautiful, caring and loving woman for you wife. Her love is written all over her when she looks at you.
You make a beautiful couple. I wish you many years of happiness. I adore both of you.

Legendary Actress Elizabeth Taylor Dies at Age 79

Mar 23rd 2011 10:22AM My Synpathies and Prayers to the family. Have watched her since National Velvet and have always been in awe of her beauty. Elizabeth may you Rest In Peace in God's hand. You have been through alot during your lifetime. The world has lost a beautiful and wonderful actress. No one can possibly fill your shoes.

The Affirmative Case: Jay For Obama

Oct 14th 2008 2:04PM I am voting for Obama because his rational of the problems and his commitment to lead us MIDDLECLASS PEOPLE to a decent life are truly passionate for him. He sees how the country is going down the tube, people are losing their jobs, cannot afford their homes, having a hard time finding monies for groceries. We do not need another BUSH (MCCAIN)and we do not need a Witch(maybe B****) using her powers to do whatever as she has no experience and doesn't even know how to hold a question and answer session. This is why they do not let her on her own much and when they do, she cannot answer questions or talk to reporters. Another reason OBAMA is an AMERICAN just like the rest of us. He is half Black and half White. HIS BLOOD IS RED JUST LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. This country is made up of many ethnic backgrounds and if it were not for our forefathers from many countries and many colors, we wouldn't be where we are now. THINK ABOUT IT AMERICA, there should not be any discrimination, we are all HUMAN BEINGS AND ALL AMERICANS. Lets get AMERICA going again like it has been for centuries.

McCain, Obama to Spar in Debates

Sep 21st 2008 4:52PM Just as someone else has said, if Palin (as she states) is ready to take over the Presidency ( Arrogant)than there should not be any problem with the debate between her ane Biden. Why should she get special privileges in the
Debate? Guess the McCain people are afraid that the American People will wake up and see she is far from ready to run this Country. Maybe in Alaska she can get away with it but they should realize that the American People are not idiots and can read right through her. I say Palin is a Wolf in Sheep's clothing. If they are elected, McCain will get even Richer than he is, and Palin will be on her way to becoming Rich also. How could McCain pick someone he only met once. That is just like picking someone off the street and saying,"Hey want to be my Vice President? WAKE UP AMERICA, we cannot go through another 4 years of He**. This Country that everyone is supposed to Love will be taken over by a Foreign Country and we will all be Broke and without our own Country. Is this what you want for your Grand-kids, GreatGrand-kids or Great Great-Grandkids? I am a 70 year old FORMER REPUBLICAN and I would never VOTE for these TWO.

AOL Straw Poll: Sept. 11-18

Sep 15th 2008 8:27PM Are you serious, the whole map is rigged to show that McCain wins all the states. I know for a fact that he won't win every state. I sure hope he doesn't win because in another 4 years we will be even worse off than now. We have one idiot running the country now and see where it got us. We do not need a VP who is another idiot with all her quirky ideas of how government is run and without any knowledge of Foreign Affairs possibly becoming the President if something should happen to McCain. People wake up, McCain has backed Bush throughout Bush's Presidency and will continue to do the same as President. This is not from someone who is young, middle-aged but from someone who is only 2 years younger than McCain. Where is your common sense people?

General Says 'Gays Too Precious to Risk in Combat'

Aug 18th 2007 1:06PM Gays have been in the military for over 50 years. My ex was in the service and was gay. You would be surprised how many gays are in the service and fight just as hard or harder than their straight comrades. They have a right to defend this country just like anyone else. They let women serve. Why the segregation against gays. They are no different than anyone else,except for their sexual preference. You have straights who go both ways or are into other categories. You do not segregate against them. This is America and people should be treated fairly and not judgemental or segregated against because of their race, religion, sexual preference or any other category. We are all human.

Beauty and the Obese

Apr 2nd 2007 7:55AM The Americal Idol is about singing. Sanjaya can't even stay in tune or remember lyrics most of the time. As far as Lakisha goes, she is not as big as Reuben Studdard was and look what happened there. They called him a big Teddy Bear. What seems to be the problem is, it is okay for a man to be large but not a woman. Not every one in this world can be small or average. There is great talent on this years American Idol. It is to bad there has to be some young goofy guy who cannot sing that well stealing all the whoopla.


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