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M. E. Eykel

M. E. Eykel

Member Since Feb 9th, 2007

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Don't Like Princess Beatrice's Hat? Too Bad, Says Designer

May 6th 2011 1:03PM Some of this designer's hats are great. He must have it in for Beatrice since this is the second horrendous creation made for her.

Best Vanilla Ice Cream: Our Taste Test Results

Aug 16th 2010 7:58PM Breyer's - - fluffy. Since when is ice cream supposed to be fluffy. It is awful! Hands down - Haagen Daz - is the winner.

Spirit Cancels Flights, Leaves Passengers Stranded

Jun 14th 2010 5:18PM I agree Spirit is a good very low cost airline. When they were just getting started I used to fly to Atlantic City for $7 each way. They still offer great flights - usually $125 round trip Ft. Laud to Boston.
Without them we would be sitting instead of traveling.
The job market is so tight right now their pilots should be glad to have a job . . . so many don't. I did hear recently that Spirit was making alot of money and very successful and if that is so they should pay them more.However, there will always be a great need for budget companies for those who can afford no more and all involved here must take less: company, passenger and pilots alike.

Hair Color Maintenance: From Touch Ups to Color Protection

Feb 16th 2010 7:56PM Mascara type cover ups for grey leave a sticky, gummy mess.Not the answer. Then you have to wash it our and dry hair before starting all over to color hair again.

Breaking News: Major Tom to Ground Control: "I'd Like to Report a Kidnapping"

Feb 9th 2007 10:20PM your attempt at humor on a sad event is not funny and in very bad taste. knock it off.


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