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Willie Garson and Mario Cantone Give Chaotic Interview (VIDEO)

May 29th 2010 9:56AM This is why Hetero Sexuals hate Gays !! He is an over the top flaming Homo!! and he is not funny!!!

Whoopi Flies Into Rage About Spammers (VIDEO)

May 23rd 2010 9:56AM Whoopi should count her blessings!! she is an unattractive woman who has had more than her share of the spot light!1 thank Barbara Walters everyday you earn a paycheck!!

James Gandolfini Calls Glenn Beck 'Satan' (VIDEO)

May 22nd 2010 7:04AM Jamers Gandolfini who played a mob boss and was a digrace to Italian Americans? He should shut up!!!

Testing the Pantless Trend in New York City

May 11th 2010 9:02PM Very pretty, But I doubt that most women would wear this outfit. Lindsey my favorite feature is your gorgeous face. Honest!!

Oscar Producers Tell Nominees: Save Your 'Thank Yous' for Backstage

Feb 17th 2010 5:52PM Award shows are totally Bogus!! The actors are paid way too much money live a chramed life and and then get an award for it!! What B.S.

TV 101: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love 'Jersey Shore'

Feb 15th 2010 6:29PM These people are a disgrace to
Italians! they mimic black people!! what is with white peolple giving Gang signs? These people are a joke!! it's a TV train Wreck!! Low lifes!!!

James Cameron, 'Avatar' See Blue at Golden Globes; Bullock Shines

Jan 18th 2010 9:37AM A Giant disaster can't stop a Hollywood Awards show. Just mention that you care and you look like a great caring person while you win your award for doing something you are grossly over paid for doing!! What a bunch of Hippocrites!!! Award show are for bringing more attention to these people so they can make more rediculous amounts of money!!!

Sean Penn Back on Board for 'Three Stooges'

Jan 7th 2010 8:57AM Jason Alexander as Curly!!!

James Cameron: 'Avatar' Sequels Would Explore New Moons

Dec 24th 2009 11:11AM Excellent the movie is great please continue the saga!!!

This CBS holiday promo from 1966 would never be done today

Dec 7th 2009 12:23PM I Remember this commercial It should play today!!! It puts a good feeling in your heart!!! If you have one!!!


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