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10 Things You Should Know About Pippa Middleton

May 2nd 2011 3:36PM kate vs pippa? KATE!
ginger vs maryann? MARYANN!
jaclyn smith vs farrah fawcett? JACLYN!
kelly bundy vs kelly ripa? BUNDY!
elizabeth montgomery vs anybody? SAMANTHA! (the witch on bewitched)

Delta Puts Elderly Woman on Wrong Flight

Feb 23rd 2011 6:14PM I don't speak a word of ethiopian - and I betcha that if I had to travel throughout ethiopia I would most certainly get lost - whose fault would that be? MINE, for not learning to navigate myself though the country - if you don't speak the language maybe get a traveling assistant, or a guidebook, or find a friend to help you! why is it always somebody elses' fault that YOU screwed up?

Toyota to recall 3.8 million cars -- largest US recall in its history

Sep 29th 2009 10:14PM I am a veteran - served in vietnam in 1972 - my last american car was a 1985 ford - wouldn't start the first morning after I brought it home from the dealer - took six weeks and ford couldn't figure it out - before that I had a 1984 dodge - that wouldn't start when the engine warmed up - now I drive a nissan for work and a porsche on the weekends - would prefer to drive an american, but they screwed me with their junk - I'll stick with the japanese cars

Home Depot -- The worst may be over

May 13th 2007 12:56PM I'll tell you how bad HD has gotten. I recently remodeled one of my bathrooms. Started out at HD but received zero! help. Went to Lowes, found plenty of help and advice and walked out an hour later with about $3000 worth of stuff. Emailed HD to tell them about their poor service and loss of the sale - and received absolutely no reply. AND I OWN ABOUT 500 SHARES OF HD!!!

Top Celeb-Owned Resorts

Jan 31st 2007 12:03AM you have forgotten ariel sands resort in bermuda, owned by michael douglas and his wife, catherine zeta jones.

Top Celeb-Owned Resorts

Jan 31st 2007 12:01AM you have forgotten ariel sands resort in bermuda, owned ny michael douglas and wife, catherine zeta jones.


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