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Chelsy Davy Dons Alberta Ferretti for the Royal Wedding

Apr 29th 2011 9:27PM Looks like maybe she was nervous and couldn't sleep the night before. She's probably insecure about the relationship.

Notable/Quotable: Oprah Winfrey

Jun 7th 2008 2:09PM I think Obama is an intelligent man but Hilary is the better candidate. How bad could that be to have the Clintons back in the office. Look how well our economy was doing. It was a shame that people voted for him only because he was black.

Naked Protesters from Around the World

Mar 8th 2008 1:44PM The audacity of these women for fighting animal cruelty. Why aren't the decent people protesting for more animal torture.

Paris Heads Back to the Slammer

Jun 11th 2007 8:54PM She's actually doing more time because she is rich and famous. I work in the Court system and it is very common for low end offenders to do 10 percent of their time. There is an overcrowding problem in jail. However, she did get two freebies when caught the first two times, but that has nothing to do with the sheriff's policy. I don't think the judge should interfere with the sheriffs. How about if they said we don't have any room for murderers so we are leaving them out on the street.

Skin-Friendly Foundations

Jan 21st 2007 1:38PM Bare minerals has stores in malls. QVC sells it. I bought Lauren Hutton mineral make-up from HSN. I use a concealer in areas that need coverage and put the powder over the rest of my face. It's a lighter powder than bare minerals. I don't have problem skin so it works for me. Drug stores also have it. HSN also has different lines. When you find the right line it is great. It's not a heavy look so it makes you look younger and it won't irritate your skin.


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