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PeeDee Leavitt

PeeDee Leavitt

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Charlie Sheen Wants to Buy Homes for Two Ex-Wives

Feb 24th 2011 3:27PM I used to work in a rehab center and I've never known anyone to be rehabilitated in 2 or 3 weeks. All he did was detox. He will be back to his old habits within the month.

Bob Newhart to Guest on 'NCIS,' ABC Orders More 'Castle' and More

Nov 13th 2010 7:20PM Bob Newhart is one truly nice person. I used to know him years ago when he played the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. He was always a gentlemen and a very funny one at that.

Emergency-room docs offer inside scoop: How to get treated faster, better

Dec 1st 2009 6:23PM Johnny, you are a real jerk!!! I could probably use worse language to describe you and you would probably connect with it more. However, I have been in both situations, sitting in the ER with my husband who was having chest pains and sitting first class in an airplane. Naturally the first class wins hands down, but the ER did the best that they could under the circumstances. By the way, you never did say what your "emergency" was, had you sprained your big toe or were you coming down with a cold?? Neither of which should have been treated in the ER, no matter how good your insurance. See your PCP!!


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