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Plus Size Dresses to Beat the Heat

Jun 30th 2011 5:08PM Since you are highlighting dresses for plus size women, you should give come consideration that most of us larger women do not want to wear dresses or blouses that are sleeveless. Even in the summer. That flab that hangs down from our upper arms is not that attractive so we prefer dresses that have a minimum sleeve

Glen Campbell Reveals Alzheimer's Diagnosis

Jun 22nd 2011 2:37PM Hey Ed, you must be one of those guys living under a rock. Either that or you're so young you think the Beatles are old music. Yes, I agree that Glen did do drugs and drink too much when he was younger but that does not add to the prediliction for Alheimzer. I too know people who have never had a drink of alcohol in their lives but are now developing the disease. So look up both Glen Campbell and Alheimzers in the encyclopedia.

Hugh Hefner Slaps Crystal Harris Playboy Cover With Scarlet Letter

Jun 18th 2011 7:55PM Hef probably insisted on a pre-nup and when he wouldn't marry her without one, she called the wedding off. Lucky Man.

Chelsy Davy Dons Alberta Ferretti for the Royal Wedding

Apr 30th 2011 12:46AM Frankly, my dear, she looks like a hooker just coming off a late night date. Evidently her "john" took up all her time so she didn't have time to comb her hair. And the "lump" on the side of her dress looks like she has a bone hidden there. One lump on top, then a straight segment, then another bump down lower. Maybe something had caught in her dress and she just didn't have time to take it out.

Talking Twins Blab Their Way To 'GMA'

Mar 31st 2011 11:48PM Thank you for confirming what I had heard before. I have also heard that some sets of twins keep using the language until they are older. I guess sort of like someone using "pig Latin". No matter, the boys are darling and anyone who thinks this is not "important" evidently has no sense of humor, Which God only knows we need one nowadays.

Charlie Sheen Wants to Buy Homes for Two Ex-Wives

Feb 24th 2011 3:27PM I used to work in a rehab center and I've never known anyone to be rehabilitated in 2 or 3 weeks. All he did was detox. He will be back to his old habits within the month.

Bob Newhart to Guest on 'NCIS,' ABC Orders More 'Castle' and More

Nov 13th 2010 7:20PM Bob Newhart is one truly nice person. I used to know him years ago when he played the Riviera Hotel in Las Vegas. He was always a gentlemen and a very funny one at that.

Bill O'Reilly Fires Back at 'The View' Ladies [Video]

Oct 15th 2010 2:42PM These two are the reason I no longer watch the View. I enjoyed it when it first aired, but now I don't even consider wathing it. I used to think Joy Behar was funny, but now she is just insulting. I think she really showed her ignorance when O'Rielly said that a survey showed that 70% of the public was against the mosque and she shouted "I want to see that survey". All she had to do was read and she would have seen the survey. I personally think the mosque is an affront to all who died on that day. Muslims as well as all the other religions represented in those buildings.

Radiohead the Horse Set for Kentucky Derby

Mar 23rd 2010 4:16PM I haven't heard the expression "gee-gees" used in connection with racehorses in the last 40 years. And even then it was never used by the people who owned, trained and raced the horses. Only by the people who thought they were horse people just because they placed a bet. Please, if you're going to talk about the horses in the Kentucky Derby, give them the respect they deserve as some of the best athletes in their sport.

Ellen DeGeneres Plays Santa for Military Family

Dec 17th 2009 3:46PM Golly Richard, your life really must be boring. Skeptic about everything and yet you don't realize that those people that are the recipients of the gift don't care about the ratings. Ratings, schmatings. At least Ellen is doing for the people who are in trouble in our own country. It really irks me to see so many gifts and so much money going to the overseas countries when people here in the US are just as in need of help as the countries overseas. Sure I feel sorry for those children in those countries, but I feel more so for the kids in our country that have the same problems, but the agencies don't get as much "ratings" as when they send it to other countries. Remember, charity starts at home!!!!


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