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Renee H.

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Company Drug Testing and Background Checks: What to Expect When Hired for a New Job

Jun 20th 2010 6:08PM the only problem i have ever had with drug testing is separating the users from abusers. anyone who wants a job in this day and age can stop using a drug long enough to pass a urine test unless they have a serious problem. and most employers only perform preemployment. some do pre and for suspicion. others do pre and random.unfortunately the drug industry is not limited to teenagers or welfare recipients. i dont know how many people keep quiet about their personal/social use of what i consider the most harmless drug, marijuana. ceo's, lawyers, doctors, housewives, mothers, teachers etc etc. the marijuana industry alone is what billions of dollars. teenagers dont have that kind of money you know it's everyday citizens lighting up for whatever reason who are still leading productive beneficial lives and are not posing a danger to anyone. so my problem with drug testing is that testing only shows a drug in the system it can not prove a person made a mistake because they like to smoke weed from time to time. what about all the incidents of auto accident or other crimes or accidents that showed no substances in the offenders system, what explanation for what occurred could not be attributed to drugs so, people who dont use drugs have horrific accidents as well as people who do. so testing only shows drugs in the system it doesnt mean a person cant be a valued and excellent employee. i know, i am close with someone who is in a supervisory position and smokes everyday after work and is one of the best employees in his company.consistent high marks loved by all. so let the weed smokers be. they are harmless as long as they keep it in control


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