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The Country's Biggest Tourist Trap: South of the Border

Jul 18th 2011 4:13PM typical Huffington post ......trash something uniquely American, even if Pedro is the one welcoming you.....we stopped there in the 1950's when I was a kid....and always remembered it.....the few times I've driven south (or north) I looked forward to going's a fine place and a piece of American lore....

Pippa Middleton Steps Out with Family [PHOTOS]

May 3rd 2011 7:07AM hey, Kate picked out the dress...............but, I'm in agreement she is beautiful, I couldn't take my eyes off her as she walked down the aisle behind Kate...........

World's Ugliest Hotels

Mar 8th 2011 9:02AM some of them were quite beautiful....the only one, to me, that was awful was the hotel in NY packing district, it was hideous and looked like a tenement project!

Glenn Close Denounces Navy Captain Using Her in Offensive Video

Jan 5th 2011 9:22AM Glen Close is a washed up old hag and we're so sorry your politically correct sensibilites have been so shaken. I abhor you and your lousy movies!

US Airways: no solo flights for the disabled

Oct 19th 2010 8:59AM As a former flight attendant I concur with US Airways policy. Someone so handicapped can not in most instances fend for him or herself. I had a male pax traveling by himself. One that needed an aisle chair to go to the bathroom.... all of a sudden he needed to go and quickly, no time for the chair; fortunately I had a another male f/a on the plane and between the two of us got him to the bathroom just in time. If there were only female f/a's on board he would have just sat in his seat and had a terrible problem. He couldn't fend for himself. In an emergency he would have been left behind. These, unfortunate customers, must have another person traveling with them!

The Thermals Defend Their Loved, Loathed 'Canada' Song

Aug 1st 2010 12:54PM Canada sucks, they never support anything the US needs to do around the world to make the world a safer place. But, some of the babes are hot!

10 Destinations NOT to Visit

Jul 9th 2010 10:52AM The Cistine Chapel I thought was worthless, I know others will not agree, but it was a long walk (the rest is most worthy to visit and see)to look up at a painting that is on a celing of a room that looks like a Junior High School gymnasium. I expected the room to be far more glamorous. A dome setting, somthing elegant........elegant the room is not!

Public's Attitude Hardens on Illegal Immigrants

May 26th 2010 6:28PM wow, a poll showing how the true Americans in this country think and want to have happen.........and from the far left CNN........if this had been a poll by Fox News everybody would have said it was bias.........

Best Boxed White Wines

May 20th 2010 5:51PM JpBill ..... Almaden wasn't mentioned in the article which was a surprise to me, but their box was pictured....$11.99 is a steal; here in VA it used to be $12.50 which was a good deal, but at wine stores it's been raised to $15.50 which is still OK since the grocery stores sell it for $19.99..... so I buy it 4 boxes at a time....

Best Boxed White Wines

May 20th 2010 4:59PM I have drank white wine from a box for years....I personally have helped destroy the myth that drinking wine from a box is not what an important person should do.... bull, I have traveled the world and have tasted the finest beers and wines the world have a nice white wine at home, ready at a finger tip, with out a doubt is the Chardonnay from Almaden, it is the finest by far...


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