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Jail Time for Phoenix Man Who Hosted Bible Study at His Home

Jul 8th 2012 1:50AM Play by the rules.... We do not agree with your plight.. You are NOT operating in a Christian manner here.. But you seem to find it easy to command your surrounding mandates come under the umbrella of Persecution. Wake up Fatso..

Jimmy Kimmel's 'Captain Mexico' ignites fury among Mexicans

Aug 2nd 2011 2:48PM Well.. if you're having problems with that... How's about Corporal Afica. or.. General Jerulsalem.... maybe Maybe Private Poland could strike your feeble imagination.... But then again... You took away our joy when you stopped "Yo quero Taco" ... Member that??

Octomom Brings 9 of Her Kids Along for Chaotic 'TODAY' Visit (Video)

Jul 9th 2011 1:57AM OK NOW.... One of you Self aggrandizing Prxxxcks get in a cab , go to her house and give her a check for 50-60 thousand dollars.. and show her that your integrity MIGHT have the chance to hold a candle to hers... God dam you mmake me mad..!! Keep making fun of people thinking that we the viewersaa are all seeing it through your fat eyes..!!

Octomom Brings 9 of Her Kids Along for Chaotic 'TODAY' Visit (Video)

Jul 9th 2011 1:48AM Hey... Why isn't she getting some money for this interview..????????????? Are you not selling airtime to your sponcors... You are all so Fxxxng Hypocrites . you take take take from the poor and put the god dam money right in your own corporate pockets.. I hate what you do.. You made a ton of money off of this Casey Anthony thing and keep doing so and make disparaging remarks about the fact that this family coulsd stand to make some money from it soon.. all the while you Pimps are taking all the fuxxxxng profit and never mentioning your own greed and contempt..!!

Wedding's Off for Hugh Hefner: 'Crystal Has Had a Change of Heart'

Jun 15th 2011 1:56AM OK OK... So here's exactly what happened... ready..?? ok here goes... Soo.. He says no Pre-nup will be needed... so the public thinks that this meant that he was going to be a trusting old fool and drop dead leaving her everything... HA HA .. but nonono... You see.. He no longer owns anything.. It has already all been allocated to his sons, ex wife, brother and charities and maybe the poker table and the Queen Anne chair to his buddy James Caan (Whose not far from biting the big one as well). That's when she says.. Hey now ,wait a minute..This is not looking as good as you said it would be a month ago... Wow, Hughie.. I don't think I like you any more... This is the same reason aholly Madison took a Powder.. They made us all think HE dumped Her.. Look again my fine feathered little readers... Perhaps I should take on this responsibility of keeping everyone posted..

Actress Jane Seymour Claims Arnold Schwarzenegger Has Two Other Love Children

May 23rd 2011 1:30PM OH C'mon... without People like Arnie... where would we find more Cheap Bastards to be mad at?? Huh..? Huh..?

Source: Charlie Sheen 'Destroyed' by Ashton News

May 16th 2011 5:12PM


Ashton Kutcher to Replace Charlie Sheen on 'Two and a Half Men'

May 12th 2011 11:14PM You know...? I think if anythng was to save that show... this is the move that would do it. Bringing Bad Boy back would have knocked the ratings out of the ball park, but just like his road show, the decline would have been Rapid. And Hug Grant..?? did we need another Limey doing our work? I think not. Ok.. Let's move on.

A Royal Wish: No More Interviews Please, Fergie!

May 12th 2011 11:08PM Once upon a time there were tree little piggies....Kristy was one, Oprah was another, and Fergie is the once that cried wee wee wee .. all the way to Poor House.

Marie Osmond Remarries First Husband 26 Years After Divorce



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