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Jail Time for Phoenix Man Who Hosted Bible Study at His Home

Jul 8th 2012 1:50AM Play by the rules.... We do not agree with your plight.. You are NOT operating in a Christian manner here.. But you seem to find it easy to command your surrounding mandates come under the umbrella of Persecution. Wake up Fatso..

Goodbye Sahara: Vegas 'Rat Pack' Hotel to Close

Mar 12th 2011 7:19PM I just came back from there .. I was there 4 days and seemed very very crowded.. the show rooms were full and the food lines were quite long... So.. where am I missing the economical conclusion that makes everyone living there say that they are losing..? Can someone explain?

People's Choice Awards 2011 Photos: Stars Arrive on the Red Carpet

Jan 5th 2011 9:42PM SEE..??? Now this is what I like... Kim Kardashian is my favorite when she gets a bit chunky like this... Yummy..!! Is Kathy Bates really her Mom..?

The Lowest-Grossing Wide-Release Movies of 2010

Dec 31st 2010 11:01AM Wasn't "I'm still here" with Joaquin Phoenix in time to make this list...?? so far ot doesn't look like it will even break a Million..!!!

Jason Alexander Preps Return to TV

Dec 25th 2010 9:07PM OH yeah... Hi George..Hi Jason...well bubeye George and you to Jason. And take your detective and your weight Guru Guy and your motvational speaker guy with you. There really isn't anything left for you out there.. Even "Seinfeld" couldn't make t happen for you again.. Sorry.. Perhaps a show about a jail counselor..?? Nah.. You actually alook more like to=he perp.. Hey maybe that'll work You as a Perp.. yeah that's the ticket.. You doing 45 to life at Sing Sing.. and you daily strugglw to stay thin... and every once in a while Newman and Jerry and Elaine and Kramer come to visit and you can have a good laugh about the old days... Hey this could work...And the soup Nazi is the main cook.. adn and and... Wow.. This could really work!!!!

My Unemployed Life: The Forgotten Woman, But Now Not Alone

Nov 27th 2010 5:03PM The struggle at hand for this person is not far off for another 40% of the lovely folks out here. Each one of us at this time, probably made the same mistake of not watching out for our "Savings" but let me remind you that most of those who did , were vested in thier home, a stock market or other seemingly worthy investments that ended up losing to the degree that it did starting out with the "DotCom" folks. Deligence, it turns out was not all that forthcoming.
It appears, and I don't like the idea either, that the next successfull move for us, is to rethink our need to be individual. To take an attitude of teaming up together to create a future of substance to survive might have more to offer than not doing this. I wonder if we can really do that... Probably not.

Jon Stewart: I'm More Like Jerry Seinfeld Than I Am The News (VIDEO)

Nov 12th 2010 4:06PM It seems to me, that whenever "opinion" exerts action and thought, it would be only an excersise in wasted time, to think that the influence generated, does not fall under the umbrella of political agendas. " Not that there is anything wrong with that...." was a quoloquial that generated a more lenient thought pattern to the idea of which it was stemming from.. even under the guise of Seinfeld Humor. So Mr. Stewart, your explanations of the position you hold , only sert you up to think that you are above the fray and therefore allowed to denegrate the peers you have within the industry o news.. You are botha as wicked and guilty of all of them.. Not that there is anything wrong with that.

Ladies of 'The View' Have a Shouting Match Over Obama (VIDEO)

Nov 5th 2010 3:36PM About that sock... couls you be sure that it is one of Al Bundy's..??

Pope Bans Carla Bruni From Vatican Over Nude Photos

Oct 17th 2010 1:25AM BUT ...Welcome, welcome to your pedophile Priests..!!!!!

'Dancing With the Stars' Producers Defend Tonioli's Criticism of Bolton

Sep 30th 2010 4:14PM Smut Sells.. even when it is cloaked in the robe judgement.


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