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Homeless Girl Gets Royal Wedding Invite from Prince William

Apr 20th 2011 4:58PM Acting like "real equals"? Did you really just say that?? Concerned they're getting uppity, are you? It's utterly horrifying that people think like you.

Down's Syndrome testing now recommended for all pregnant women

Jan 1st 2007 10:49AM I had an amnio during my second pregnancy. Our feeling was that if there were a problem, we wanted to be as prepared as possible. There are some conditions they test for (other than Down's) for which it would be best for the baby to have specialists at the ready at time of delivery. If we did have a baby with special needs, we wanted to be sure we did everything possible to give that baby his or her best shot at life.

My5 Power Plate, Another Way to Vibrate Yourself Skinny

Jan 1st 2007 10:44AM Vicki (#20), the saying is: "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is." ("Probably isn't" doesn't make sense in this context.)


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