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Robin Gondek

Robin Gondek

Member Since Dec 29th, 2006

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Who's Who in the Royal Wedding Party

Apr 28th 2011 8:09AM Obviously some people don't appreciate what the Royals stand for. With their recent bad press this wedding is going to be a new beginning. I for one will be getting up early tomorrow to watch the events as they happen. I wish them the best and can't wait for Harrys' turn..

5 year old shoots 445 lb bear

Dec 13th 2007 1:00PM OMG...Killing a Bear. What next? School kids? Teaching any kid to kill is WRONG. Give the kid a camera to shoot with and it the picture will last a lot longer than the meat. The parents and grandfather need to be put in jail. And..don't start that vegitarian crap with me. Yes I am one and yes I have PETS. I don't believe anything should DIE for my pleasure.

Chicago chefs dish up foie gras for New Year's

Dec 29th 2006 10:39AM ANY animal that is tortured for human consumption or enjoyment is unacceptable. Read up before you eat up.


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