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Francine Maier

Francine Maier

Member Since Dec 16th, 2006

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Official Royal Wedding Photos Released

May 1st 2011 4:47PM The Royal Wedding was truly a wonderful, happy was refreshing to see the couple were so much in love.....!!!!!! Many Blessings to all.........

Why Is Charlie Sheen on Edge? 'He's Cash Poor,' Says Insider

Mar 9th 2011 3:53PM Oh, pleeeze, POOR PEOPLE, are in Camden, New Jersey, living on the streets, & so are their drug dealer's.....Charlie S. is a total idiot if he cannot hold on to a Million Dollars....:( besides, why is he "allowed to exploit his drug addiction", & get no jail time....

What's the First Thing You Do Every Day?

Jul 11th 2010 3:42PM I say the Serenity Prayer......then, brew coffee, check e-mail, facebook, & usually call my Mother.......

Four Most Available and Highest-Paying Part-Time Jobs

May 17th 2010 5:09PM I earn $15 per hour, "cash" being a professional Nanny, love my job & I'm my own boss.......!!!!!! the jobs you posted are not easy to come by....even with being certified.......

Cameron Douglas Sentenced to 5 Years in Drug Case

Apr 20th 2010 5:26PM My heart goes out to Michael Douglas, as, I have a son behind bars, & know what the "visit" feels like........ you watch your son, stripped of all dignity........ I pray Caameron gets clean........

CNN Anchor Refuses to Cover Lindsay Lohan's DUI

Jul 27th 2007 9:00AM It's about time, "someone" did "something"...It is trash news, all the Lindsay's & Britney's need to go away from the spotlight & do serious recovery, "somewhere"....Addicts thrive on reactions, & these 2 gals, sure get if from the media....the Newscaster's are correct, ignore them * maybe they will just go away....!!!!!

How come there's no photos of Britney's new baby?

Jan 17th 2007 7:02PM "all" the celebrity babies are gorgeous, I am certain, Jayden is as for his Momma, she should cover her crotch, stay home & practice parenting......

Ashton's Christmas Gift to Demi

Dec 16th 2006 8:38AM I think both Demi & Ashton are "real people" that are blessed to have the talent to earn the $$$$ in the 1st place....$2,500 would feed many poverty stricken folks, however, I do believe, that D & A, have given to charity & will continue to do so.....they deserve to have a meaningful Christmas, with their loved ones, just like the next person.....we should not be so judgmental, God is everywhere, even following Ashton to the book store......


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