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N.J. Couple Face Fine for Bird Feeder

Jun 26th 2013 3:14PM Last I heard, ducks and geese were also birds! I can't believe neighbors are so nosey that they will take away a disabled man's joy of watching birds in his own back yard. Perhaps they need to find a hobby themselves and let this man alone.

Irish Gaelic, Rapa Nui And More Endangered Languages From Around The World

Jun 8th 2013 10:38AM Really? What is his reason? What have you been smoking?

Homeowner Robert Phipps Says Neighbor's Solar Panels Are Blinding

Apr 29th 2013 8:55AM The neighbor must have a very short one story house. I can't see my neighbor's roof even from my upstairs window.

Delta Employees Reunite Boy With Treasured Shirt

Apr 24th 2013 5:47PM Great job Delta!! Everyone involved should be praised by the company president.

Ex-Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner's Bethesda Home for Sale (House of the Day)

Mar 21st 2013 7:07AM Surprisingly, there is nothing spectacular about this home. It appears to be a modest house in comparission to how other politicians live. I'm not familiar with the area but it does appear to be overpriced. If he can get $1.million for that house, I should be able to get $1.5 for mine.

Squatter Lamont Butler Puts Faith-Based Claim on Lavish Mansion

Mar 21st 2013 7:04AM Make him pay the back taxes and upkeep before he moves in!

Burt and Jeanne Metz of Queens Surprised With Rebuilt Home After Hurricane Sandy

Jan 12th 2013 8:16PM Yay! It's wonderful to see people come together to help one another out. May they enjoy this new home for many many years to come.

Adrienne Maloof, of 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,' Lists Beverly Park Home

Sep 22nd 2012 10:15AM Wow, this is fast. They just announced their split a few weeks ago. Seems like both are pretty wealthy so one of them could have bought the other out and the kids could have stayed in the house. I feel bad for their children.

Woman Falls Asleep On Flight To Paris, Wakes Up In Pakistan

Aug 25th 2012 2:16PM Fell asleep? Sounds more like she was in a coma! Seriously, I'm on the side of the airlines. It is her responsibility to be alert and get off at her destination. Maybe when the plane stopped in Paris and Italy, a new flight crew got on and thought she was going to Pakistan.

Squatters in Littleton, Colo., Couple's Home Refuse to Vacate Despite Judge's Ruling

Jul 31st 2012 6:21PM It's not odd at all when the homeowner gets temporarily transfered for his(or her) job. In this case, a neighbor was supposed to be watching the house and dropped the ball. Besides, the alleged realtor is the culprit too.
It's not like the mortgage was in default or they weren't paying the electric or gas bills. The realtor took advantage and made a shady deal.


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