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Renée Zellweger: Style Evolution

Apr 25th 2011 10:26PM She is a mutt face. Pure and simple.

Storm Impact Continues For Air Passengers

Dec 29th 2010 11:47AM For the love of God, the airlines can not control the weather. You know when you travel you are taking a risk with unforseen circumstances. Deal with it or don't travel.

American Idol: Top 24

Feb 15th 2007 11:32AM No, the one that was called back from the lobby for another try did NOT make it. And the mystery of Marisa and Bailey is a ....mystery. Maybe they will be a wild card.

Rosie set to leave The View for her own show

Jan 20th 2007 12:00PM Please OMG leave the show. I can't watch the view anymore either. If she didn't have to offer her opinion of EVERYTHING in the world! What gives a person that is living with another of the same sex in front of children that have to go to school and withstand hurtful comments from other children the right to judge others. PLEEEEEZE!


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