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Hotel Fulfills Guest's Ridiculous Request Involving Bacon

Jul 16th 2013 7:47PM Amy, do you really have to refer to a pig as a mammal?? It just makes it sound so technical! Would you ever look at a long coat you were thinking of purchasing, but kept saying "This coat looks like a reptile??!!?

Hotel Fulfills Guest's Ridiculous Request Involving Bacon

Jul 16th 2013 7:41PM My husband and I got married in March of 2007 and for our honeymoon, we went to Boston and stayed at a 5 star hotel. My request for the basic, regarding a honeymoon. All I wanted, when we arrived at our room was rose petals on the bed, champagne chilling on ice and small tray of strawberries dipped in chocolate.

I guess 2 out of 3 'aint bad, but I really missed those strawberries dipped in chocolate, as they give the champagne a great taste.... Actually, now that I think of it, who really had time for strawberries? LOL

Hot, Tired Airline Patrons Sing R. Kelly's 'I Believe I Can Fly' In Protest To Long Wait Times

Jun 11th 2013 9:12PM I live about 15 minutes from Logan Airport in Boston, and although I'm not a world traveler who has flown every airline, I've flown on Delta, United, JetBlue and USAir
(which I believe is now defunct). I have never heard of Allegiant Air, but from the sounds of it, I probably shouldn't be booking any flights from them anytime soon! I
forget who said this out here, but somebody mentioned "You get what you pay for"
and no statement could ever be more true than that. I don't worry so much
about the peanuts or bloody Mary's , but sometimes wonder if the captain of the plane might have a meltdown on his shift. It could happen, just saying.... :)

Hot, Tired Airline Patrons Sing R. Kelly's 'I Believe I Can Fly' In Protest To Long Wait Times

Jun 11th 2013 8:30PM R. Kelly is a singer, who obviously sang "I Believe I Can Fly." However, a few yrs.
ago, R. Kelly I believe, was arrested for making a 27 minute porn tape with an
underage female. He was also accused of 14 counts of child porn, but a jury found
him not guilty on all charges....

Man Shames Wife He's Divorcing With Angry Sign Hung on House

Apr 2nd 2013 12:34PM I was only a kid when my older sister had a shotgun wedding at age 19, and then her marriage was crumbling after one year. I remember she did the same thing this woman did, in one day while her soon-to-be Ex-hubby was a work. She didn't do it alone though. There were about 7 other people helping my sister. I didn't feel bad b/c her ex was slapping her around and starving her so she'd lose weight from having the baby....

Oklahoma Apartment Complex Threatens to Evict Tenants for Police Visits

Feb 23rd 2013 9:43PM The eviction process is most always more than three days, and only legal, if
the reason for eviction is legal. Calling the police is okay to do. There is
absolutely no reason why a tenant could be evicted, for calling the cops!

Getting back to the process of eviction. It can take several months to be evicted - especially if the tenant is appealing the decision. The landlord and tenant need to go to housing court.. The landlord has to give just cause
on why he's evicting tenants.

This landlord with the cops is out of her mind. She needs to take her medication, and go back to bed.

The tenant who was evicted last month, should have been served w/ the proper paperwork and by the Sheriff.

Pop Singer Psy to Live in (Gangnam) Style in Los Angeles

Jan 3rd 2013 10:25PM I'm guessing this guy is a popular singer, but honestly, I've never heard of him before. Was he the guy that made the video jumping through the desert or something? I don't know what he was jumping through, but he was. lol.

Pet Cemetery Plots for People Becoming More Popular in Texas

Nov 26th 2012 7:01AM Has anyone seen the movie, "Pet Semetary?" After seeing that movie, based on the book by horror maven, Stephen King, I wouldn't even bury my monkey there!

The House in 'A Nightmare on Elm Street' Was Truly Scary Before Angie Hill Rehabbed It

Oct 14th 2012 8:42AM When I went to the theater for Nightmare on Elm Street in 1984 I thought one
of the scariest parts of the movie, was when Freddy started walking back to the "horror house," and he had his arms out straight, and I terribly scared b/c Freddy's arms were 3x the size that they should've been! I loved that movie, but buying the house it was filmed in? Listen, you can't burn enough Sage to get rid of what went on in that house, real or not...

Couple Sues Landlord Over 'Haunted' House

Apr 17th 2012 12:20AM I can't see any judge who would say there are ghosts haunting a house, therefore, the tenants could void their lease.. Wouldn't the judge have to believe in ghosts, life after death, spirits, demons, etc? It's so hard without concrete, tangible-like evidence, when you don't have any paperwork to prove something. Just a lot of video footage and an episode on Ghost Hunters. They should be able to get out of their lease, imho. This is what they're saying, and they should be taken at face value!


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