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Chelsy Davy Dons Alberta Ferretti for the Royal Wedding

Apr 29th 2011 2:08PM arrr arrr arr, c'mon Harry, that girl looks like she has been ralphing all night

HBO: Charlie Sheen Is Not Getting His Own Show

Feb 25th 2011 7:15PM Charlie, I loved the show but you let it go to your head, showed your butt and made a fool of yourself and now are nothing more than a spoiled brat. So you stick your foot in your big mouth and then pull it out and bite the hand that feeds you. Denial is the first sign of addiction and man you have some serious problems and news flash, you ain't all that, we aren't your people, you were not the whole show. You don't bite the hand that feeds you. Hope you saved some of that money, cause nobody is gonna hire you with the public display you made of yourself and on top of that manage to lose Denise Richards? God man what were you thinking? I will miss the show but you have some serious growing up to do


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