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The Word 'Retard': Stop Using It

Mar 6th 2011 11:40AM I was always told - sticks and stones. I would think any word other than normal, at sometime in the future, will then bother someone and here we would go again. I've seen words, the last sixty years, be replaced for reasons they became offensive. Then the choosen word be replaced. One offensive word has been replaced 4 or 5 times now and today I don't know what word is appropriate.

Friends: CBS Can Beg, Charlie Is 'Never' Coming Back

Feb 26th 2011 3:55AM What is with so many Hollywood types ? Is it the money ?
Their work product is make believe , maybe this line of work leads them away from reality .

Report: Church of Scientology Under Federal Investigation for Free Labor

Feb 8th 2011 7:34PM Don't yet know if it is true or not ,but , it seems the actors and actresses live in a world of make believe.


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