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Phoebe Prince's Mom Speaks Out, Faces Daughter's Bullies

May 6th 2011 4:37PM I completely agree with you. They should have served some time, and after it was completed they should have been compelled to spend several years going into schools and confessing what they did and (hopefully) saying they now realize bullying was wrong.

10 Things You Should Know About Pippa Middleton

May 2nd 2011 3:40PM This is world headline news the day after the planet is rid of the scourge of bin Laden?

Who Was Crowned the Most Beautiful Royal of All Time?

Apr 29th 2011 3:29PM I still think Diana is the most beautiful of all.

Most Americans Believe Single Motherhood Is Bad for Society, Survey Finds

Feb 17th 2011 4:41PM So a lot of people in society don't approve of single mothers raising children alone? Does it occur to them that in many (certainly not all) cases, the mother has no say in whether or not she raises the child alone, because the father has vanished, opted out, or otherwise refused assistance? My daughter was 26 when she found out she was pregnant. Her boyfriend, a 30-year-old college-educated professional, told her to get rid of it or he was leaving and going where she would not be able to find him or collect child support. When she refused, he kept his word and vanished completely. My daughter has gone back to college to get a master's degree so she can teach at the university level and I am helping to raise my wonderful three-year-old grandson. She's a single parent. How many would prefer it if she'd taken her boyfriend's suggestion? Then she wouldn't be a single parent, would she?

StyleList Reader Poll: Princess Diana 'More Stylish' Than Kate Middleton

Feb 2nd 2011 7:04PM Which one is more fashionable? Is this a joke? Diana, by the length of England.


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