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Piers Morgan and Wife Expecting a Baby

Jun 6th 2011 7:20AM Even thou I am not a fan, still congratulations to both. Why most people think that everyone else is an idiot. None of us are perfect and I am sure we have all asked a stupid question at one time or another, heard the expression takes one to know one. lol

10 Things You Should Know About Pippa Middleton

May 2nd 2011 4:03PM She is a pretty girl and I am sure the dress fit her nicely but she is certainly not gorgeous.

Chris Medina Gets Love From The Script, Band Behind 'Breakeven'

Jan 27th 2011 10:36PM Wish Alicia would call me spic to me face, for sure she will end up with no tongue, but that is another matter. She is worthless and not worth of even my pity. For Chris he already proved he is a good guy and even if down the road he moves on, who are we to judge him, he is a young that someone will want to marry and have kids and life a good life, I am sure his girlfriend wants him to be happy, I know if would.


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