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Family Wrongly Booted From Home Returns To Wreckage

Dec 4th 2011 9:58PM There are obviously a lot of uninformed people on these boards.
1. These banks can no longer make harassing calls unless YOU allow them to. Once you say the magic words, "Refer everything to my lawyer Mr. SoandSo, they cannot contact you. If they do, get their name and caller number and hand it to your lawyer.
2. If you cannot afford a lawyer, call your local Social Services office and get a referal for a low/no cost one.
3. The home owner is responsible for damages even if the home is foreclosed upon. Keep your insurance active!!!
4. This family was NOT foreclosed upon. There merely received letters saying that they were ELIGIBLE for foreclosure under the rules of their remodification. They chose to ignore these notices, instead of addressing and trying to resolve the problem.
5. They voluntarily chose to leave their home. They were NOT foreclosed on. I suspect there is much more to this story than this article states.
6. Banks do NOT want to foreclose on homes. While one could have argued some benefit for the banks during the height of the housing bubble, in today's housing economy they are losing money by the billions because of these foreclosures.
7. Bank of America IS a pain to work with, most banks are...but they deal daily with customers who are trying to scam them, get away without paying and who refuse to leave when they are more than a year behind in payments.
8. There is no such thing as too big to fail! Our government has no business involved in saving banks or businesses OR in saving homeowners who have been foreclosed upon!

Family Wrongly Booted From Home Returns To Wreckage

Dec 4th 2011 9:29PM Shannon, if we could look deeper into articles such as these we would almost always find that there is more to the story than we are being told. I don't know what the whole situation was here, but like you said, if were merely question about one missed payment, even during a trial period, there is no way a bank would chose foreclosure as a first option when they already have so many bad foreclosed homes they cannot get off of their books. I do have sympathy for the family, but I also have no doubt that there is more to the story that we see here.

Insane Customer Service Calls: They Called About WHAT?

Feb 3rd 2011 11:03PM Phate, the spelling police have no life. They sit at home and jump on and off the boards just HOPING they will be in first in line to correct others. Personally, I believe they all have a superiority complex, but it's possible they are just arses! Or maybe they just believe that the shiny little badge their mommy gave them when they were three entitles them to police the world!

Woman and Baby Kicked Off United Flight

Jan 29th 2011 10:58PM She had recently had the exact same problem on a different airline and had not bother to get another baby carrier? AND she immediately started taking pictures of the baby carrier in different positions in the aisle before takeoff? It looks to me as if she was trying to instigate a situation where she would be taken off the plane in order to file a lawsuit! Wouldn't a person who had difficulty with the size of their infant seat on one plane want to make sure it did not happen again by making sure they had a smaller seat before she took her next flight, just to make their OWN travel more comfortable?

Sarah Palin and Her Father Hunt and Kill a Caribou (VIDEO)

Dec 22nd 2010 5:24PM Cookie, by far the majority of American's eat meat...and we all know that in order for that meat to end up on our table an animal has to die. Many, many American's make their living in the meat industry, my own husband did for decades. We also hunted when we were younger. Filling our freezer and pantry with food we provided from our own land and our garden provided us with great satisfaction...and obviously the Palin like to hunt and they eat what they kill. Fresh, healthy, clean meat...the best way to get it is to provide it for yourself straight from natures bounty!

Sarah Palin Serves Up Some Food at a Local Diner (VIDEO)

Dec 20th 2010 1:56PM Elvira walker, I have no problem at all with Michelle talking to our school children about nutrition and the relationship between eating, exercise, good health and proper weight. I have serious objection to ANY federal input into our schools...from the cafeteria to the classroom. This should be 100% a state issue. As for Bristol Palin getting pregnant...she would certainly not be the first teenager to get pregnant against all parental advice. Or do your really think that 72% of all black parents have been telling their kids that it is GREAT to have sex and get pregnant as teens? Or maybe you think the 26% of white teens who get pregnant were ENCOURAGED to do so by their parents? Part of growing up is making mistakes...parents cannot and SHOULD not run their children's lives so closely that they NEVER make a mistake...if YOUR parents did so, you have my deepest sympathy...same goes for you kids!

Sarah Palin Serves Up Some Food at a Local Diner (VIDEO)

Dec 20th 2010 1:48PM lovecat, name me one state where a sitting or retired governor is loved by 100% of the people of their state. It doesn't exist...and since the election, many of the Democrats who once supported her because they did consider her an excellent and fair governor, voted for Obama and now feel they must continue to support him and do not like the fact that she speaks out loud and clear against him. Just like Obama, as a person she is still very liked, but those who support Obama strongly dislike her because she works so effectively against him.

Sarah Palin Serves Up Some Food at a Local Diner (VIDEO)

Dec 20th 2010 1:44PM Rico, after all this time you are STILL insisting on showing us how uninformed you truly are? You are quoting Tina Fey...Palin said that you can see Russia from a certain point in Alaska, specifically a small Alaskan island...completely true by the way!

Sarah Palin Serves Up Some Food at a Local Diner (VIDEO)

Dec 20th 2010 1:37PM greg, are you still on that racist rant of your? Give it up...if Obama's complexion had happened to take after his very fair skinned mother would he be as appealing to you? I know his policies would still be as UNAPPEALING to me and every other American who has the sense to recognize that race does not determine character OR government policy! Obama's policies would still be horrible if his white half were give up the race baiting and discuss policy.

Sarah Palin Serves Up Some Food at a Local Diner (VIDEO)

Dec 20th 2010 1:33PM Michelle Obama's fight against obesity has nothing to do with obesity and everything to do with grabbing more power for the government. Money is power and her programs cost money...taxpayers money. And if they can convince children that the government knows more than their parents when it comes to food, they will be more easily able to convince them to let the government control their food sources and food choices as they grow older. The federal government should NOT be in control of our schools and they certainly should not have any say whatsoever in our school food supply!


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