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City Where It's Now Illegal to Smoke in Your Own Home

Nov 22nd 2013 8:40PM I don't smoke, but I find this law asinine. Living in NYC, a one bedroom apt can cost over 2000.00 per month in Harlem, and even more in lower Manhattan. Paying that much for rent and having someone tell me that I can't smoke in the apartment is ridiculous. How the heck does cigarette smoke go through walls? NYC doesn't have many problems with vents, so the law wouldn't apply here; even with our present "fairy" mayor, Bloomberg.

City Demolishes Wrong House, Suspects a Scheme by Homeowner Next Door (Video)

Sep 9th 2013 4:31PM Hmmmmmmmmmmmm, sounds like a scheme between both owners.

Intricate Underground City for Homeless Uncovered In Kansas City, Mo.

Apr 9th 2013 6:04PM Hmmmmmmmmmm, this sounds like a case of Europeans going back to their roots.

Tom Roeser Buys Up Town's Foreclosure Stock to Keep It Thriving

Apr 3rd 2013 5:28PM That's true Tom. But everybody can't be a Tom. If they could, they wouldn't have lost their homes in the first place. I still can't believe that Tom is only 60 years old. Amazing!!!

Michael Jordan Buys Massive North Carolina Home For a Great Deal (PHOTOS)

Mar 2nd 2013 9:57PM My thoughts exactly. It looks dreary. It also looks better without furniture.

Michael Shimshoni, Alleged 'Nuisance' Landlord, Eludes Authorities

Mar 2nd 2013 9:49PM It's nice to know that the "YOU PEOPLE" in this case are WHITE

Soldier Flies American Flags Upside-Down to Protest Obama's Re-Election

Dec 4th 2012 11:49PM Mitchell, Mitchell, Mitchell. Pleeeeeeeeeeease, DO NOT POST again, until you are at least literate enough to know how to construct a complete sentence.
Thank you,

Soldier Flies American Flags Upside-Down to Protest Obama's Re-Election

Dec 4th 2012 11:17PM Gina, you sound like a guinea foreigner from Italy, who doesn't have a clue about American politics. You need to just lay low. And, if you're Sicilian, you need to learn about Hannibal, who is an intricate part of your ancestoral history. In case Hannibal eludes you; he was an African warrior who ran rampant through Sicily, fuggN as many white women as he possible could. That's why you Sicilians are so dark in complexion. And, that's also why the rest of Italy don't like your black asses.

Soldier Flies American Flags Upside-Down to Protest Obama's Re-Election

Dec 4th 2012 10:54PM At least President Obama was on the job and made promises. When Hurrican Katrina devastated New Orleans, it took Bush four whole day to even acknowledge the devastation. You are a lost soul. Get a grip on your own life, before puttng demands on others. You may not like President Obama, but he is your president and there's nothing you can do about it. I thought that Bush was the dumbest president ever during my lifetime. But, I respected the fact that he was our president. I even got pissed off when some it-d-it threw a shoe at him. Thank God Bush had a sense of humor about it. He was an idiot, but he was our idiot, and he did not deserve the disrespect. So, suck it and respect our POTUS.

Stranded Hurricane Sandy Survivor Leaves Farewell Message in Evacuated Home

Nov 10th 2012 5:09PM I believe that this whole thing is bullsh*t. I believe that Mike broke into someone's home, just to plant his letter. It's called "ATTENTION SEEKING". If Mike really was in trouble and was lucky enough to make it out, why is it that he did not reach out to the people who's home he broke into to let them know that he was ok? He wanted them to find the letter, so that it would go viral (as it did), and he could get his 15 minutes of fame. Hmmmmmm, and America fell for it.


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