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Prince William and Kate Middleton Aren't Honeymoon Bound Yet

Apr 30th 2011 11:14AM PLEASE WORLD, Leave this couple alone... They deserve it... And I deserve to NOT have to watch anymore of this corny Bull on the news... ENOUGH IS ENOUGH...

Boston Bans Soda on City Property

Apr 9th 2011 9:55PM Could you imagine if they outlaw Coffee and Tea, People would go crazy.. I don't drink coffee or tea, but I do drink soda. And I will not stand still IF they try to outlaw soda in NYC.

Times Square to Become a Restaurant?

Mar 30th 2011 8:43PM Great Idea, I love it... NYC should allow many more resturants to open outdoor dinning areas. And sidewalk cafe's...

Why Was US Navy Ship Sunk?

Jan 6th 2011 8:28PM The money the state and U.S. GOV. will save, and make in the years to come due to the reef created, beach front property saved,and the tax money made thru turism/divers/property taxes etc. will far out weigh the price of scrap. In addition thier are soooooo many ships in the U.S. that are ready for the scrap yard its not even funny. For instints Do you know about the U.S.'s dead fleets ??


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