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Storm Impact Continues For Air Passengers

Mar 13th 2011 11:26AM If these people wanted to walk or drive they would be doing that. They aren't on foot like our forefathers were who hacked their way through the wilderness, they PAID for a fast flight to their destination! Not a stay on a floor for a month. Their money should be REFUNDED! Some people are so indifferent it's pathetic.

Storm Impact Continues For Air Passengers

Mar 11th 2011 11:36AM At one time the air ports offered FREE hotel accomadations for the stranded, free meals, free travel vouchers to keep you traveling with them, to keep their customers happy. Now they treat you like a common criminal. You say nothing you get nothing, that's how they opperate and keep doing what they are doing. No one says a thing.

Storm Impact Continues For Air Passengers

Mar 11th 2011 11:32AM This is the hights of abuse toward travelers. If you never complain they will just keep right on with the abuse of their clients. I will NOT pay them to treat ME like that. Those of you who do without complaining will keep getting the same results. The squeeky wheel gets the grease! Not the quiet ones.

Storm Impact Continues For Air Passengers

Dec 29th 2010 11:58AM always carry extra tissues, dried foods, even a bit of water if possible in luggage. The airlines should have lots of extras on hand but they don't even give you foods on the plane anymore! That is negligence to the hilt. Probably 60/70 % of people refuse to fly now at all, I'm one of them. My husband won't go near the place from the insulting behavior they have developed toward the people they are suppose to be friendly to not harass, deprive and treat like dirt, no empathy for them at all.
You never know when they will ditch you like this without warning. They do not provide any customer appreciating anything, you are on your own. I will NOT fly the unfriendly skys of these barbarians anymore. They will not sift through MY underwear nor put their hands on my body insulting my integrity nor shall they x ray me like a common criminal. I am the person they are suppose to be PROTECTING not treating like a foreign criminal. The airlines have become criminals, our enemy! They can go broke for all I care along with their mafia groups of communism against he American people.


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