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Do Guard Dogs Protect Homes From Burglars? Well, These Pooches Didn't

Nov 15th 2012 7:25PM My thoughts exactly. My old UPS driver told me the same thing - if I was home when he came, my golden got between him and me and growled with his hackles up, but if I wasn't home the dog didn't even get up from his nap to see who was there! LOL

I also had a 9 lb. mixed breed who trapped the meter reader in my barn one day - and kept him there until I came out of the house upon hearing him yell help.

The Minor Threat: Age-Restricted Communities Evicting Children

Jan 6th 2012 8:00PM I think in these situations the HOA should have every right to insist that the family move. I don't want to live next door to children and certainly don't want to live where there are alot of them running around. (I don't dislike kids, I just like my peace and quiet) If I purchase a home with those expectations and garauntees made by the HOA then it is a violation of my rights when my next door neighbor is allowed to bring in a kid. Even if they are good kids, it's still my choice to live apart from them. I do think in these situations where the grandparents become legal guardian, and while the housing market is so slow, the HOA should be leniant in allowing the kid to stay indefinatley, if the owners are making a legitimate effort to sell the home. They should not have to take a great loss just to get it sold, or make a move in a huge rush.

Morgan Freeman Has the Best Voice Ever -- Plus, He Can Fly a Plane (VIDEO)

Oct 5th 2010 10:45AM I kinda lean toward Keiffer Sutherland's voice.

Michelle Obama Wears Sweeping Red Dress at Phoenix Awards

Sep 20th 2010 7:27PM She looks gorgeous - I love that dress!!!!

Jets Coaches Prank Quarterback Mark Sanchez on 'Hard Knocks' (VIDEO)

Sep 11th 2010 10:19AM And those "peanuts" will sit in a landfill FOREVER - never to biodegrade. How thoughtless and juvenile.

Michelle Obama Wears Bold Multi-Print Tunic Dress to Dinner on Martha's Vineyard

Aug 25th 2010 6:08PM Well, I guess I'm the odd person out here - I kinda like it!


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