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Prince William & Kate Middleton: Royal Wedding Planning

Apr 21st 2011 1:17AM I would rather watch poop dry on my lawn then this bullshyt

The Hatch-Palucks, Week 6: I Don't Look 47, Do I?

Nov 22nd 2010 10:46AM I dont understand people that say the trainers are just looking to boost membership and thats the reason they tell you that your out of shape. I did that test the first day I went into that gym and was at 31 body age at 37 years old, granted I was already boxing at a nother gym, so crazy huh? I was in shape and my body age was low, wow amazing haha. If you are out of shape dont fool yourself its hard work and having a lower body age or even equal to where you are at isnt easy it takes discipline for sure!


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