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Gayle Palmer

Gayle Palmer

Member Since Nov 5th, 2006

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Giuliana Rancic's Best Red Carpet Moments (PHOTOS)

Aug 17th 2011 5:20PM I it just me? Everytime I see this woman I think about how unattractive she is and wonder how she ever got where she is.

Brandy and Maks Still Coming to Terms With Shocking 'Dancing With the Stars' Elimination (VIDEO)

Nov 17th 2010 5:25PM Dear Nancy and Barb, your replies to my comment have been read by me. First of all, I don't vote for any of these dancers so it isn't as if my choice lost the contest. Jealousy has nothing to do with it. I'm 71 years old and am just an outside observer. I felt the same way when Jerry Springer was on the program. They kept him on for weeks and weeks and he should have been gone 1st. Bristol is much better than he was, of course, but this is supposed to be about who is the best dancer, is it not? Bristol has accomplished a lot but the other 3 couples are above and beyond. If this was a singing contest, I doubt that the poorest singer would win although that one that sang "She Bangs" would be an example of the same mentality.

Brandy and Maks Still Coming to Terms With Shocking 'Dancing With the Stars' Elimination (VIDEO)

Nov 17th 2010 2:15PM I have always felt that this show was more about popularity than dancing and that's too bad. If I were Bristol, I couldn't have accepted this win, I would have felt too guilty. She should have bowed out and let the other 3 compete because they are all better dancers than she has proven to be although she worked hard and did an adequate job. I wouldn't want to win this way.

'Dancing With the Stars' Results: Who Got Kicked Off First? (VIDEO)

Sep 22nd 2010 9:44AM When it came to dancing poorly, I thought that Michael Bolton was the worst and what a boor!! He has no personality at all. I think that the Hoff would have gotten much better even though I don't respect him as a person or father.


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