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Don't Like Princess Beatrice's Hat? Too Bad, Says Designer

May 11th 2011 6:44PM The hats for either girl may not have been the best, but neither were the outfits. Both girls looked 'stuffed' into their clothes and I blame that on the designers and dressers of the girls. TV always adds unflattering weight. However, what I most objected to was their makeup. Looked like it was applied by a raccoon or a mad Panda bear. Whomever dressed and applied their makeup, must have truly disliked them. Or just wanted them to be made fun of.

Teen Sex Ed Covers the Birds and the Bees, Minus the Birth Control

Sep 28th 2010 11:47AM As a Home Ec teacher who taught sex ed content in my other classes, Family Life, Parenting, etc, the kids never failed to ask questions that turned my face red. The first thing they usually said was "Oh, we learned how to make babies in PE". My reply was always, "Great, I'm going to teach you why and how not to make babies". I had students that would come back to me and say the 'why' made the difference. And, even if you believe in abstinance for your child, I did teach it, believe me there are other young people whose parents could care less. But, any system that believes that a coach teaching sex ed is better than a Home Ec teacher teaching it has rocks in their head.

Who is Idol's 'crying girl' and where did she come from?

Mar 26th 2007 9:14AM I agree with the 50-50 vote idea. Letting the public have the entire vote is just wrong. Oh, and I do turn stations when Sanjiya "sings". Also, the wild card should be brought back for two contestants the judges think deserve a second chance.


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