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Everyday Icon: New Book Chronicles Michelle Obama's Style

Feb 9th 2011 11:30AM I do not like Ms Obama's style, I do not think she is glamorous. I do not buy the line that she is like Jackie O. She is huge, those belted dresses she wears are the least flattering garments she could find with her build. I am not a racist, I just do not like her "granny drapes prints" or the styles she wears. And I am as emtitled to my opinion as you are yours.

Michelle Obama Earns Fashion Brands $2.7 Billion by Wearing Their Clothing

Dec 12th 2010 2:04PM You have to be kidding! She has to run out of her granny's curtains and bed covers soon. They do not flatter her full figure. I, for one, do not buy this "glamorous, beautiful Michelle" spin.

Are Tea Partiers Gaming the Vote for Bristol Palin on 'Dancing With the Stars'?

Nov 18th 2010 9:00AM A Palin wins and it has to be a "conspiracy". Perhaps viewers just want to give the girl a boost. She has been slashed and shredded by the press, time for a little Bristol directed kindness.

What Happens if You Decline a Full Body Scan?

Nov 18th 2010 8:40AM I have never been given a choice, "go in the scan". I get pulled out of line, checked for explosives, almost every time I travel - I am blonde, blue eyes, over 50 woman. No one who looks like me has ever committed an act of recent terror. I am very tired of being x-rayed, patted, having my stuff checked, being treated like a criminal, having my toothpaste taken by a 20 year old officious TSA poorly trained "expert". It is ridiculous. I am on the anti profiling list I am sure. My guess is they check me to prove they are not profiling the dark haired, young, middle Eastern men. Unlike others who claim that they are treated with respect, I find the screeners to be surly, nasty, impatient and disrespectful. They are poorly trained and seem to have difficulty speaking English with any level of proficiency. And passengers are a captive "comply or don't fly" audience.

Are any of you safer because I gave up my toothpaste and some unseen TSA expert saw me naked through the screen machine? Are you safer because they use me to prove they are politically correct? Enough already. Do something effective. Screen the packages in the hold.

Look of the Day - Jennifer Garner

Oct 4th 2010 10:09AM Are you nuts? Some of these outfits and 'looks' are appalling. And what is with the standing up, cross the legs at the ankles look? I don't know who does the judging but whomever it is needs to take a dose of reality and then go lie down until it takes.

Beauty Trends From Paris Fashion Week Spring 2011

Oct 2nd 2010 4:35AM I have often wondered who these women dress for, who wears the clothes they model, yanno in the light of a real day, who is that thin in real life, and now I have to wonder what did they do with their eyebrows? And, why don't they smile? Its a fantasy overpaid, un smiling world they live in. If I was organizing a show I would have normal sized women, wearing dressed for real life clothes, happy music, and models would be smiling and laughing as they raked in ther millions on the cat walk. But that is just me.

Quitting My Job Saved My Life

Sep 28th 2010 10:47PM I am doing the same thing, novel comes out next month, The Con, blogs increasing daily, thank you for the encouragement to keep going. I was in a job that was making me ill, diagnosed with precancerous condition - stomach - insane manager, impossible situation. I threw myself the writing life raft too. Here's to yah...


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