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What Not To Do In Australia

Jul 26th 2012 12:05PM As an Aussie who now lives in the US I would also say do not use "Aussie" words that you read in the "How to Speak Aussie" books, you sound stupid. PS no one says "sheila" now. Sodas are served in much smaller quantites, do not expect a big gulp, it does not exist there. And Aussies do not care how much bigger, better, cheaper things are in the US, they will not be beguiled by your "at home" info. Aussies swear a lot, and rudely, get used to it. They will not apologize. "Bloody" is an adjective, not a curse word associated with the Lord. If you are called "mate" it may or may not be a term of endearment, it is also used in a derogatory sense. And US style praise sounds smarmy there, they will not believe your copious praise. It is what it is. So save the praise, the "things are better at home" speech, the need to reprimand language, relax and enoy!

'Apprentice' Contestant 'Would Boycott the Finale' If They Could

May 4th 2011 4:06PM Let 'em boycott. Trump's focus on the birth certificate was to have the President clear up the mystery. Why was that "ill conceived"? And look who he offended, buffoons all. Since when is the definition of racism "anyone who questions Obama"? That is such a ludicrous PC convolution of fact.

America's "Royal" Wedding vs. the Real Royal Wedding

Apr 26th 2011 8:09AM You have to be kidding. The Clintons are not "royalty" - Bubba was from a trailer park mother, father unknown, and Hillary - where do we start??? No comparison!!!

Try This: Getting Kids Out of Bed in the Morning

Mar 30th 2011 3:36PM Good grief, this is parental pandering at its worse. Solution = GET UP NOW!!!!

Shepherd's Pie

Mar 17th 2011 8:25PM That does not look good at all. I make shepherd's pie regularly and mine are rich and savory. This looks like vegetable and turkey something soup with a spud lid.

Celebrity Kids: Out and About

Feb 19th 2011 2:21PM The kids are adorable and not becuase they were sired by, or IVF'd by, some overpaid, spoiled celebrity but because thay are kids. Most of the adults suck.

Everyday Icon: New Book Chronicles Michelle Obama's Style

Feb 9th 2011 11:30AM I do not like Ms Obama's style, I do not think she is glamorous. I do not buy the line that she is like Jackie O. She is huge, those belted dresses she wears are the least flattering garments she could find with her build. I am not a racist, I just do not like her "granny drapes prints" or the styles she wears. And I am as emtitled to my opinion as you are yours.

Michelle Obama Earns Fashion Brands $2.7 Billion by Wearing Their Clothing

Dec 12th 2010 2:04PM You have to be kidding! She has to run out of her granny's curtains and bed covers soon. They do not flatter her full figure. I, for one, do not buy this "glamorous, beautiful Michelle" spin.

Angelina Jolie Refuses to Celebrate Thanksgiving, Feels It's a 'Story of Murder'

Nov 25th 2010 5:51AM She seriously needs help and obviously pretty but empty headed Brad ain't the one to give it to her. Her dad is right, she is nuts. Besides isn't Thanksgiving deprivation a CPS matter?

Are Tea Partiers Gaming the Vote for Bristol Palin on 'Dancing With the Stars'?

Nov 18th 2010 9:00AM A Palin wins and it has to be a "conspiracy". Perhaps viewers just want to give the girl a boost. She has been slashed and shredded by the press, time for a little Bristol directed kindness.


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