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Geek Chic | Angry Birds Bra

Aug 6th 2011 12:14PM I'll wear it to Walmart!

Cameron Diaz: 5 Style Lessons This 'Bad Teacher' Could Use

Jun 24th 2011 8:58PM Just telling the truth. I enjoy seeing a beautiful woman with a body to go with it and a personality that shows she is all class. Cameron Diaz has a funny looking smile and a conceited personality that makes her situation worse. She's just not attractive. I can't imagine how she became a model, much less a Hollywood star. Have you read all the other comments, most of them are negative. But everyone has different tastes. I wouldn't compare her to Jennifer Lopez ... Ms. Lopez IS cute. This is not about jealousy, but about wanting to see genuine talent. Why is this woman earning this kind of money with no looks, no talent? Guess our standards are lower these days. Obviously someone is paying to see her movies, but I do not see an Oscar in her future.

Cameron Diaz: 5 Style Lessons This 'Bad Teacher' Could Use

Jun 24th 2011 1:48PM Hello ... has anybody taken a good look at her face. It is one of the weirdest looking smiles .... she could play "The Joker" of Batman fame. She is not all that she thinks she is. She thinks her body is hot .... not much. Of course, some find her attractive, but she is a 5 to me.

Petra Nemcova Talks Wedding Details at Luca Luca

Feb 11th 2011 8:42PM Well she was the model who survived the big tsunami, in Indonesia, caused by an earthquake. This was in during Christmas 2004. Over a quarter million people perished including Petra's boyfriend.

Changes at CBS's 'The Early Show': Smith, Rodriguez, Price Out

Nov 30th 2010 2:32PM Finally .... Maggie Rodriguez is such a geek. Harry is sooo boring. Like Erica Hill. This show is in need of pizazz! Today Show needs to get rid of Matt Lauer and Good Morning America needs something too, but it's the most interesting of the three.

Look for Less - Sarah Palin

Nov 12th 2010 3:11PM Greg, you got that right. She's one who can bring home the bacon and fry it up in a pan. And stick it to the oil companies at the same time. She would have been on that gulf oil leak in a minute. A gal who can hunt, fish and still look like a "girl" has my vote. Quitter .... didn't Obama quit his job as an Illinois senator before he became president. He is clearly showing his lack of experience in setting this country on the right course. His priorities takes precedence before the needs of the American citizen. And can we say that a lot of his actions are quite a bit influenced by his wife? Can we get the economy and jobs back on the front burner before we burden the American citizen with higher health care premiums and taxes? Will those who can't find room enough in their budget forego the premium and just pay the penalty ...damn right they will. Will they forego health maintenance and wait until an emergency to get health coverage because preexisting conditions won't prevent medical coverage? Yes, of course! Will those of us who are employed pay the health care premiums of the 9.6% of the unemployed? Good things and bad things in health care overhaul ... one thing is for sure ... it will cost more for everyone. As for Palin's look .... I find it tasteful, professional, classy and feminine. I find Ms. Obama's clothing outright tacky. She has more misses than hits. Whose wardrobe is ho-hum ... Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton. But really .... are we electing them to office on their looks or abilities?

Smiling Hippo at San Diego Zoo

Oct 27th 2010 5:32PM The hippo pose is not exactly the same in each picture. Yeah, he does look like he's smiling and he does look like he is eyeing a tender morsel ... two morsels ... that's why he's smiling. Hippos are my absolute favorite wild animal. So graceful under water and in Disney's Fantasia. They just look so comical. They are fierce creatures though . There are other noteworthy icky things about them, but I love them anyway. He has probably figured out that he should pose after seeing many persons posing in front of the exhibit that he decided he might as well be a "star". That gap toothed smile ... hmmm David Letterman.

Nude Models Walk Runway at Charlie Le Mindu Fashion Show

Sep 23rd 2010 3:11PM OOH LA LA . . Oh, what a model must do to earn a living.

Sigourney Weaver on the Curse of Being Too Tall (VIDEO)

Sep 22nd 2010 1:31PM Embrace the height. I am barely tall enough to drive a car without a booster seat (as required by law 4'9"). Must have a stool to reach to adjust shower head, can't reach anything higher than bottom shelf in kitchen, can't reach items on upper shelves in supermarket, get soaked trying to reach veggies on upper tiers (forget the vertical arrangement) . . basically its physically challenging. Oh you statuesque gals . . STOP IT! You are stunning!

Clothing in a Can! Fabrican Spray-On Fabric to Debut at London Fashion Show

Sep 22nd 2010 1:11PM Your comments are all so funny and indicate you've given thought to this product the manufacture has not. This is a Jay Leno prop . . . is this product viable or NOT? And what if you are a fat person . . how many cans does it take? The only use I can see is to make Snowmen for Christmas yard decorations.


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