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tom leykis is#1

tom leykis is#1

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Hey 'Jersey Shore' Fans: Now You Can Rent the House

Oct 24th 2011 6:44PM 2,500 a night wow the owner is making some good money thanks to the jersey shore cast!!! the people from the first jersey shore cast must be pissed because they got completely overlooked yes there was a previous jersey shore cast.......

Megan Fox's Emporio Armani Underwear Tease

Feb 25th 2011 12:04PM she's gorgeous but she has claw hands or is missing thumbs or something like that

Stripper Leaves Kids Home Alone While She Works the Pole

Feb 24th 2011 9:09PM Is that lil kim??????????

Own a Historic Plantation for $695K

Feb 12th 2011 11:55AM Do they still have the big oak tree where they hung slaves?

I Interviewed with the FBI

Feb 8th 2011 2:48PM Once you join the FBI you give up all your personal freedom they watch your every move.what you eat,if you drink more than a six pack a week,if you watch porn,gamble and on and on all for 40-75,000 a year

I Was Evacuated from Egypt

Feb 4th 2011 7:48PM must be nice to be a white rich kid go to an expensive university and travel the world abroad........

Drew Barrymore Spends $5.7M in Montecito

Jan 30th 2011 1:45PM A lot of multi-millionaire celebrities are selling their homes.when they should be buying real estate. the market has pretty much hit bottom. It will go up again .There are a ton of good deals out there,if you have the cash......

Barry Manilow's Malibu Home Lingers

Jan 30th 2011 1:13PM malibu is beautiful. I would love to live there lay in bed with a hot chick and sip some wine with the fireplace on and watch the ocean...

Barry Manilow's Malibu Home Lingers

Jan 30th 2011 1:07PM way to network cheryl "LoL"

Sexual Harassment Still Pervasive in the Workplace

Jan 30th 2011 8:06AM broads say if the guy is cute it's flirting but if the guy is creepy or unattractive it's sexual harrasment.....


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