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Dog Opens Fridge, Steals Pizza

Mar 27th 2011 12:05PM WELL, aren't you a barrel of fun ......... Dogs are smarter than you I do believe. My dog actually does close the door after she come in ALL BY HERSELF.

Source: CBS Pondering a 'Men' Without Charlie Sheen

Feb 24th 2011 12:01PM He is who he is and we all have our Demons. Leave him alone. When he is good he is real good. The show would be NOTHING without Charlie. Maybe he is spoiled but He has that right, If I had his money I might be the same way as many of us might. He is enjoying life while he is here to do so which is more than I can say for a lot of people!!!!!

Nicole Kidman Is Not Fashionable, She Tells Jennifer Aniston

Jan 8th 2011 2:19PM I am sorry but there is no comparrison between the two. Taylor is a dog that can't sing!!!!!!!!!! Don't know who and how many she did to get where she is but she stinks!!!!!

Best Credit Cards for Earning Rewards

Dec 25th 2010 1:47PM ON Whay Card may I ask?????????????

Lady Gaga Wears Belly-Baring Outfit in the Freezing Cold

Dec 22nd 2010 1:42PM SHE ALWAYS LOOKS LIKE AN OLD WOMAN to me.........just look at her she looks like an OLD Joan Crawford!!!!!!!!! OLD AND UGLY to hell with the dress!!!!!!!!!!!

Will Ferrell Tops Forbes' List for Most Overpaid Actors

Nov 7th 2010 6:42PM OH I SO AGREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ferrill and Sandler both are so stupid they don't act they say stupid things. I have never seen either of them be funny!!!! Sandlers best movie was when he played water boy and he played himself A RETARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I saw ELF and Ferrill was dumb!!!!!!!!!!! Can't stand either one of them I guess u got that. They SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!

'Happy Days' Patriarch Tom Bosley Dies at 83

Oct 19th 2010 2:50PM HE was also the voice for Charlie in the movie with Drew Barrymore

HVP Salmonella recall is expanding rapidly -- thousands of products could be affected

Mar 4th 2010 6:39PM OHHHHHHH I SO AGREE WITH are right on the money so to speak. More inspectors..........not more politicians telling us what is good for us or how it should be done. We were safe in years past but now we are just guinne pigs at the mercy of the food companies and the not so FDA regulations!

Which Beatle Are You?

Sep 7th 2009 4:59PM I am Ringo never would have guesed that one. But I did always want to play the drums when I was young. I think I like being Ringo...........I am one in a million.

Before They Were Stars No. 15

Jan 1st 2008 6:06PM # 5 I LIKE YOUR POINT!!!!!!!


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